Hi guys, how are you doing? Catchy heading, am I right? How are you all doing? Stay safe, and make sure to drink water. 

Today’s post is a special request for my girlies who wants to be throat goats and for the men who have lost their throat goats. Take a seat and make sure to send it to your friends so they can spread the word too. 

Hey you, did you lose your throat goat? Did she Japa, leaving you alone and sad? Do you want to be a throat goat for your man? 

Come closer, honey; I have just the post for you. However, there is an earlier post on the blog you might want to read here

Let’s get into today’s posts; by the end, you will have picked up one thing or two or even ten; who knows? 

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Pay attention here, my girlies; goodies await you. 

  • First of all, Flick: You know that you have to pay attention to the underside of the head of the penis. This side is sensitive for most men, so ma’am, flick that penis. Not with your fingers, but with your tongue. Flick it gently and go back and forth with your tongue. Make sure to gently slide your mouth over his penis and slide the penis out back. Make him anticipate it.
  • Your pleasure matters: Above all else, your pleasures comes first. The head is for you and for him to enjoy too. When it is in your mouth, you can feel every part of it and caress it as much as you want. Treat it like you want to be treated, suck, lick and go as long as you wish. Make noise and gobble up.
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  • Spit, ma’am, remember spit: Did you know he could spit on his penis or in your mouth and have you spit it on his penis? Try it out. But that aside, make sure you use lots of spit, lick his balls, mix it with spit to make it as sloppy as possible. 
  • You have a tongue, allow it work for you: You must use your tongue to lick every part of his penis, honey. Lick that penis like your life depends on it. Be as intense as you can. Don’t be shy.
  • Make sure to focus on your breathing: you need to include your breathing, and I have just the right post for you on gag reflex. You can read that here
  • Your limit? Don’t be afraid to push it: You should try to push his penis as far up as you can, choke and gag on it. It makes it hotter. Don’t hurt yourself because I said you should push your limit, know when to stop, and don’t be like Icarus (a high five if you know this reference). Being a throat goat doesn’t necessarily mean you should shove the whole thing in when you can know you can’t take it. Do the best you can with the limit you can take. 
  • Use your hands, ma’am: Involve your hands in every step, take charge and take his penis in your hands. Use your hands to stroke him, so he stays hard in your mouth. Have fun with it, try new things, and play around with his balls in your fingers. Tug at it, pull, grip and suck. This penis is yours, don’t be shy or afraid of it.
  • Allow him to take control for a bit: Let him fuck your face, kneel and let him ram into your throat and your face. You can even lie down and let him do things to you with his penis in your mouth. This is personally hot (no questions). 
  • Eye contact: Let him see your slutty face and eyes as you suck his life out. Allow him to caress and compliment you. 
  • Noise: Let him know you enjoy pleasuring him, moan and make as much noise as possible; it will encourage him. *wink
  • The big finish: Swallow. Yes, dear, gulp him after his big finish. It will make you look like the slut you want to be for him. Trust me.

Hello there, my new throat goats. Welcome to the team. Go and flourish. (Btw I am here to provide the knowledge for you). 

We have come to the end of today’s post; be sure to share and spread the word with your friends and acquaintances. 

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That’s my time for now. 

See you next time.