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First sexual experiences can be scary, and they can put a lot of pressure on us. So this week, I have decided to write a post on first sexual experiences. Some people filled out the form, and the responses were actually really cool. 

Do you want to add your sexual experiences? You can send a mail, and I will add it to part two of the post. 

Get ready to read about actual first sexual experiences, take a seat, and pop open a can or a bottle of wine. 

First Sexual Experiences

It was just lol; I was anxious, and I was barely in her before I spilled Embarrassing shit, yeah but luckily she was a virgin as well so no embarrassment coz she doesn’t have any experience. 

Awkward wasn’t comfortable.

It was painful and I wished I did it in a more romantic way. It felt rushed, like I just wanted to get it done and over with.

It was so unplanned I never really had a visualization of what I wanted my first time, but it definitely was not what happened on this day. I’m just gonna say it was me being naive. It hurt, the guy did not even try to take things easy, nor do I think he knew what the concept of foreplay was. I sha lied to my friends and sister that it wasn’t that bad, I think I felt embarrassed about the whole experience. I don’t anymore sha.

My first sex was so sweet and not painful. I was passively smoking and the effect was somehow in my brains. Had with a good friend (although we don’t talk so much cos life is busy for both of us) and I can say it was a good one. Lying down and trying to do the whole foreplay, penetration was the least of our issues. I was already extremely “wet” and was at the peak of my sexual pleasure. Then he just put it in slowly and kept riding slowly. It was good. No much pain. No bleeding. Just me enjoying vibes with my friend. I went for round two the next day.

The first time was weird cause he was also a virgin so he didn’t know what he was doing, he wore the condom and I was lying down and he kept trying to put it in but it wasn’t happening cause he was scared and being to careful so we gave up and after a while I was like let’s try again but without the condom this time we’ll try another position……. Lo and behold I got ontop closed my eye and did it …. It was painful but I didn’t bleed and that’s how I lost my virginity. 

It was weird; I didn’t expect it, and I was thrown off. She asked me to bring her some kool-aid packs so I brung it and didn’t thinkin much of it. I was walking away and she texted me “I was going to let you fuck me” I instantly turned around. I walked in and followed her, I was given a condom, I slid it on. She told me to come closer; she took her clothes off and helped me put it in her; I stroked with no rhythm. She was older and had done this already. I didn’t know what to do. It was very weird, and her pussy had a stinky smell. It wasn’t the best time; I actually didn’t enjoy it much.

Can’t really explain how I felt, but sex is not over rated for me, though, when doing it someone you really love. 

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