Hi, My name is Sameerah, and I am a raving erotica writer. Well, if you know me from the streets of Twitter, you would know how down bad I am (laughs manically). I WRITE when I’m not singing my voice out in the shower or reading detective novels and watching Friends.

A gif of Joey saying, "hey, how you doin?" in the About Sameerah section

I was scared of putting myself out there, but I thought, what the heck? What better way to do that than through writing (which I love so much). I am an extremely introverted person who loves her bed and her laptop way too much. I love supporting people and putting smiles on people’s faces. Don’t be shy, and feel free; this is a safe space.

This blog is my own little way of changing the world.

This blog is called Erotics and Whatnot, and as the name implies, it is your one-stop for erotic knowledge, know-how, step-by-step instructions, and erotic stories ( which will be so interesting btw, I’m so excited for y’all to read).

Give it a read in the shower, in bed, with your special someone, or anywhere (if you are less than 18, this would be a good time to stop reading and go to bed).

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Welcome to Erotics and Whatnot