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You guys asked for part two of the weird sexual kinks; the first one was censored, but this one will be filthy, so prepare yourself and know that actual people out there have these kinks. You can read part one here if you haven’t read it yet.

Before we start, shout out to two of my special girls turning nineteen this October; Ilysm. If you are 18 this month, a big happy birthday. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it. Get something to sit on; we would exclaim a lot during this post. 

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12 Weird Sexual Kinks You Didn’t Know About

You might feel weird reading about these weird sexual kinks; if you cannot stomach it, I think you should turn back.

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  1. Klismaphilia: This is for the girlies holding their pee for a long time, so the feeling of finally peeing will almost resemble an orgasm. For some people, it is the act of going number two that turns them on. I admit I am guilty of holding my pee a little. Don’t judge; the feeling is unparalleled. 
  2. Somnophilia: You guys remember Prince Charming? That guy kissed a lady that was asleep (Sleeping Beauty); what the actual hell would make him do that? If Prince Charming were a person, this would be his kink. Somnophilia is known in weird sexual kinks circles as sleeping beauty syndrome. People with these kinks get aroused from watching a person asleep or unconscious. I know someone is out there beating their meat to unconscious people. *shudders. 
  3. Agalmatophilia: When I think of this kink, I think of Number 5 in Umbrella Academy and how he was in love with a mannequin in season one. This is his kink, and my was he a nasty boy. This kink is for people attracted to inanimate objects; you know, dolls, mannequins and the likes. I mean, do these people masturbate with these objects or do they do filthy things with them?
  4. Coprophilia: Warning, you might get triggered reading this one. This kink is the attraction to faeces. There is a more disturbing kink for people who get turned on when their partner goes number 2. People get turned on by eating poop; people are disgusting (yes, dear, I am judging you if you have this kink. You are filthy). 
  5. Autoenpiophilia: You will get triggered reading this; I got triggered too. This kink describes the people who get aroused when they play the role of a baby during sexual activities. They will dress like a baby to engage in activities with their partner, who will play the mommy or daddy figure. You know what? Let’s move to the next one. 
  6. Lactophilia: This kink is for people who get aroused watching a woman breastfeeding or get aroused when they drink breast milk. I shudder just thinking of women breastfeeding, and one creep getting turned on by staring at her. I can understand if your wife is lactating and you are trying to cop a feel of what your baby is sucking but come on, you all are weird.
  7. Necrophilia: First of all, I would like to put it out there that people with this weird sexual kink should be hunted and restrained in a mental facility (scratch that, Azkaban will not be enough to hold these people. I reckon we send them into space and leave them there). This kink is for people who get sexually aroused from contact with… wait for it…CORPSES. Like an actual dead body, people like these are living among us. These people like corpses because corpses cannot fight back or give consent, this is not twisted but fucking dark. These people might have partners who have to pretend to be dead when they want to have sex with their partners.
  8. Vorarephilia: This one is disturbing. So apparently, people are turned on when they eat someone or watch someone being eaten and swallowed whole. This isn’t eating like eating out; I am talking about flesh-eating and swallowing flesh. This is Cannibalism; let’s not lie. You know there are websites people can see their weird sexual kinks in live-action flesh-eating. Oh God, I’m going to throw up). 
  9. Emetophilia: I can tell say for a fact that I feel nauseous writing this one. This sexual kink is an attraction to puking (using the official word for this will send me over the edge). Some people are attracted to their puke or get turned on but watching someone puke. 
  10. Formicophiliacs: I remember telling a friend this kink is real. If you are reading this, I told you so. This kink is for people who get turned on when bugs crawl over their skin. These bugs will even crawl over their down there. What an ewww. 
  11. Mysophilia: This is the sexual kink for people who like rotting flesh. You know what? I don’t want to go into details because I am so disgusted. Omo!
  12. Zoophilia: For people who have an attraction to animals. This isn’t the same as Beastiality; the attraction is more emotional; it doesn’t gravitate towards sex alone but also a loving relationship between human and animal. (Why did I just explain this? Oh God). 

That concludes our sexual kinks list for today. Let me know if you want a part three (but after this, there is no way you guys want a part three, right? Right?) 

We have come to the last part of today’s post; if you managed to read this far, you deserve a hug because you must be scarred. 

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