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Today what I have for you is a sex position called the lotus position; some of you might be familiar with this sex position while some of you might not be. No worries, I am here to break it all down for you.

Lotus Sex Position

I imagine most of you will know the lotus flower, don’t worry; this sex position is not that complicated; it requires a lot of intimacy. It will involve the two partners sitting facing each other. This sex position isn’t for a quick foki foki session or a hook-up session in the sense that most hook-ups aren’t intimate arrangements, so a quick doggy position should do the trick for you.

Your partner also has to be an engaging one; the two of you shouldn’t shy away from looking into each other eyes when you are busy fucking the hell out of each other.

This sex position is popular amongst women because it helps get orgasms faster; it is also known as the lotus blossom and cross-legged position.

How to Do the Lotus Sex Position

  • The male partner will sit cross legged on a bed, the floor or anywhere the two of you decide to have to have sex. This position he is seated in will allow him to grind his female partner because of how this sex position is, he won’t be able to thrust his female partner.
  • The female partner will sit on her partners lap while he is in this position, she should make sure not to lean on him too much as this will cause him some pain as she is grinding on him.
  • The two partner needs to embrace each other; the female partner should have her hands around her partners neck. She should also wrap her legs around him too so it will be a full body hug.
  • The partner on top will have to do most of the work, she will have to move in a grinding position on top the partner below, she will also move in a rocking position,  e.g. when you sit in a rocking chair and you sway back and forth.
  • Think of this position as dry humping just without clothes (I bet this makes it a lot easier to visualise).

Benefits of the Lotus Position

  • It allows for full body intimacy between the two partners by prolonged eye contact, full body contact and it allows for lots of kissing.
  • It stimulates the clitoris and also promotes a kind of motion that women responds to sexually.
  • It has different variations and sensations that will leave the two partners sexually satisfied.
  • This position doesn’t allow for a lot of movement, just minimal movement so you don’t have to worry about breaking your back.
  • It promotes warmth and comfort, when you stare in your partner eyes for a period of time, you have this sense of warmth, it is one of the best feelings ever.
  • It allows for the partners to have a deeper connection.

So you see why I said earlier that this position isn’t for a hook-up session, but if you want to fall in love with your fuck buddy, go ahead and do this position.

Challenges of the Lotus Position

  • This position requires strength and endurance for the partner who is sitting cross legged.
  • You need to be flexible before you can try this position.
  • Size and height matters a lot for this position because if the two partners are not of equal or almost height, there might be a slight issue in trying this position.
  • The woman should have open hips to sustain this position.

Extra Tips

  • Use lube to reduce the friction when you are grinding against each other.
  • Try talking dirty to each other in this position.
  • Gaze into each other eyes throughout the whole sexual experience using this position.
  • If the girl partner arches her back in this position, she will have an orgasm faster.
  • This position helps to burn gluteal fat.

Variation of the Lotus Position

  • The Kneeling Lotus: This position allows for the upper partner to kneel on the bottom partner instead of wrapping their hands around their partner.  This allows for flexibility, it is comfortable and very intimate also.
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  • Leaning back Lotus: This variation of the lotus position allows for one of the partners to lean back slightly while in the position. It offers deep penetration and g-spot stimulation.
Source: Shape Magazine
  • The draped lotus: The draped lotus offers more enjoyable stimulation for flexible couples. To attain this position, the top partner has to bring their legs up over the bottom partner’s shoulder so that their knees are hooked over and their feet are behind their partner.

In conclusion, this position is peculiar for partners that are intimate with each other or looking to get intimate with each other. Just go ahead and speak with your partner before you try this position. It is not a task to talk to your partner about sexual activities because it is safer than sorry. After all, with sex, you and your partner have to be clear on everything.

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