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The topic for today has been cooking in my head, and I have had requests, so here we go.

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Drumroll, please, the topic for today is… Wait, you have read that in the title already. Nevertheless, the topic for today is how to eat pussy like a pro, how to perform head, how to go down on a woman, you know, admit others. Today I will be giving you steps on how to satisfy your female partner by eating her out to her satisfaction and making her legs shake and hold your head while you worship her with your tongue.

I am so excited; let’s get to it.

How the Vagina Is Structured

Before we begin, you must know your way around the vagina before you start, and you need to be able to do it by knowing how the vagina looks and how it is structured.  For the first-timers, I mean those who haven’t given their first head yet, relax, I got you. And if you are a pro at this, stick around; you might learn something new after all; we do learn every day.

Knowing these parts of the vagina will help you better grasp what you are doing and not make her take you for an amateur, although you might be we are here to fix that😉.

  • Clitoral Hood: This is what covers the clitoris. You know that piece of vagina down there that you spread open to see the clitoris that is the clitoral hood. When a woman is turned on, the clitoral hood will expand and contrast, that is the literal explaining of when the vagina is throbbing or breathing.
  • Clitoris: The tiny piece of meat in front of the vagina, it is one of the most important parts of the vagina and yet it is missed by most men. It’s like they don’t see it. Please the clitoris needs love too and lots of it. It is actually very sensitive and it should be your main focus when eating out the vagina.
  • Labia Majora: This is the outer skin or lips of the vagina; it is thicker in some women and thinner in some women. It can swell during sex also.
  • Labia Minora: This is the fold inside the labia majora, it is hairless and known as the pussy lips; they differ in women ranging from sizes, shapes and colours. So if one differ from the other, it’s not weird, it is absolutely natural.
  • Urethral Opening: This is where her number one or pee comes out from. Don’t worry it’s not that important during oral sex, you can’t easily spot it.
  • Vagina: The opening of the vaginal canal, this is where the penis goes into while having sex. This is also important in eating out a vagina or giving head.
  • Anus/Butt hole: I am assuming we all know where this is. You will be paying this part attention if your female partner is someone that likes her ass being ate.

You can also stimulate the G-spot and A-spot too if you want to give her a wonderful experience. The G-spot can be found in the inside wall of the vagina; it is easy to find if you know where to look, it is soft to touch, and when stimulated, it will give a woman one of her most intense orgasms.

The A-spot is located deep inside the butt towards the cervix, you will not be able to use your fingers, but you can use other stuff like vibrators to access the A-spot and stimulate it properly.

Setting the Mood

Before you get down to the eating out, you have to set the mood and make sure your female partner is comfortable with what is about to happen. If she doesn’t feel comfortable, she won’t be fully pleasured. Do not forget to ask for consent; even if she is your girlfriend, you need to be sure she wants you to eat her out.

If you are in a bedroom, having low lights will help her get relaxed, you can involve a bottle of wine to release her tension.  If you want to make it extra romantic, you can light some scented candles, this is a very sweet thing to do, and it will make her see your efforts in making her uncomfortable.

And one more thing, although I think you know what it is already. Play that soft music from your playlist, someone plugged theirs earlier, and I will make sure I put it under this post.  Music will help your partner feel more relaxed; let it play softly in the background.

Now unto the phase of getting her in the mood, I mean getting her horny and wet; you should start with some foreplay, you know, making out first, kissing, grabbing her butt, neck kisses. Slowly undress her and rub her vagina to build up the excitement.

You can have her wear a blindfold; you know, give her that Christian Grey vibe, have her wear a blindfold, and tease her body. Sir, I do not need to tell you how to do this; come on.

Further on the Christian Grey vibe, you can tie her to the bed frame or use handcuffs. If you do not have handcuffs, you can use a tie. If she agrees to be tied with a rope, go ahead, take it easy, though.

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Tips on How to Eat a Vagina or Pussy

Now you can do these tips one after the other or do them randomly; either way, the result is making sure your woman is getting pleasured.

  • Blowing: This will create excitement and sexual tension. The light blowing of air into her vagina will make her body tingle all over with excitement. At this state, her vagina is not just sensitive but it is hyper sensitive, keep blowing and watch how she reacts to it.
  • Licking: First start to tease her by licking her labia majora, give her light teases, at this point she is waiting to be licked fully but make it unpredictable, lick and blow at intervals. When you feel she is ready or if you are leaning on the adventurous side, you can talk dirty and tell her to beg for it (I know, this is actually hot af). Focus on licking her clitoris very softly, focus on the clitoris, you can increase your stroke, go slow then fast then interchange them, watch how she react to each stoke, this will give you a view of which stroke to go with. Either fast or slow.
  • Kissing: Yes kissing, kiss her vagina and her clitoris, just gentle soft kisses. She will feel so good especially if you do this during licking.
  • Sucking: Suck on her vagina with your mouth, women love this because this way their entire vagina gets attention. She should be on her way to having an orgasm by now so keep going.  Remember to do this with the above tips, switch them, and make her gasp as you switch styles.
  • Motorboat and Humming: This is perhaps the most important one; it is the most powerful one if you want a woman to have an orgasm from eating her out. All you have to do is rest your lips gently around her vagina, make sure your lips are slightly touching then blow out air so your lips can vibrate. This will send vibrations down her vagina and trigger an orgasm into happening. You can increase the speed of your blowing also. Just go wild with it.

However, for Humming, what you have to do is hold your lips over her clitoris and the opening to her vagina, although you can move it around and see where it provides the best stimulation. In this method, you rest your lips against her vagina and hum softly. Trust me; this feels heavenly. If you couple this with the motorboat method, you will get her to have an orgasm faster.

One more thing when you notice she is close to having an orgasm. Don’t stop; hold back a little and begin again. This will build up a large amount of energy that she will dispense when she finally orgasms.


  • Put a finger in her mouth: While you are down there eating her, try putting your thumb into her mouth or any finger, and allow her suck on it. That way she is stimulating an erogenous zone in your body and you are turned on to continue eating her out, Try to copy how she sucks on your finger then do that to her vagina.
  • Put one or two fingers inside her: While you are busy eating her out, you can ahead and insert one finger or more into her vagina and finger her while you lick. Most woman have said they love when their male partner do this so go ahead and do this.
  • Use a vibrator: Remember her vibrator isn’t your enemy, it is your friend. Hold the vibrator to her clitoris while you eat her out. She is going to squirt so much, you might actually drown.
  • You can hold an ice cube to her vagina with your lips while you eat her out.

Now, if you didn’t know there are positions on how to eat out the vagina, you will know today. So basically, there are three popular positions. Remember simping on Twitter and saying, “sit on my face” Yup, that is one of the positions, and they are;

  • Siting on the face: You can lay down while your female partner sit on your face, you get access to licking her vagina and she can control her hip movement to aid you too. You can raise her ass in the air too and tell her to twerk on your face. Just go wild with it.
  • On all Fours: Have your partner get down on all fours then eat her from behind, in this position, you can smack her ass while eating her out and also insert a finger into her butt too if she would like that.
  • The Missionary position: Have your female partner lay on her back while her legs are spread, approach slowly like a lion approaching his prey because you are about to tear that pussy apart.
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We have come to the end of this class, I know it has been quite informative, and I know you can’t wait to try it out. Take it easy o; try to make sure the experience is memorable for not just her but for you too.

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