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Today I have something exciting for you; let’s get into it, shall we? Oh, I got glasses now, so I can say that I identify as a nerd (haha, this is a good thing btw, these glasses look so fire).

What Is Nipple Orgasm or Nipplegasm

As we should all know by now, the nipple is a primary erogenous zone in both the male and the female but did you know you can have orgasms just from nipple play. I know the traditional belief that orgasm comes from stimulating the private parts alone but honey, I am here to introduce you to new realms of pleasure.

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You might be wondering, what is Sameerah saying again? Which one is nipple orgasm but trust me, it’s not that weird as you think it is; most people don’t know about it, and it is so sad that it doesn’t get explored enough. Today I am going to show you to get that orgasm you so deserve just from your nipples.

You can get the orgasm yourself, or your partner can give them to you; either way, I will tell you how to set the mood, what to do, and how to attain that orgasm.

The nipple is a very sensitive area for most people, with some being more sensitive than others; some women naturally have barely visible nipples but, when aroused, have erect nipples while some have erect nipples naturally, either one you have, your breasts are perfect just the way they are.  

It doesn’t mean that nipple orgasms are limited to women alone; men can also get orgasm via nipple play.

Nipple orgasm comes as a wave of pleasure; when your nipple is stimulated the right way, the sensation will build up and spread through your entire body, to the point where you explode (figuratively) and shut down; it is one of the best feelings ever.

Nipple orgasm allows you to have various orgasms apart from the usual type, and it can also spice up your sexual life; it makes sex with your partner more intense, so give the nipple more attention during sex and see how awesome it is.

So ma’am or sir, take a seat or get into bed with your partner; you can read this post to your partner while you stroke their hair or ear (wink wink). You know, set the mood and get them more comfortable. (Yes, I know Sameerah is out here saving relationships, just doing the lord’s work.)

If you are still a minor, this is as far as you can come; the following content will be for grownups alone; we will see you after the class. Ciao.

Having a Nipple Orgasm by Yourself

If you want to go solo or like me with no partner, living the single pringle life, I got you, honey. Just follow these steps, and you will be good to go.

  • Try to get relaxed, make you sure you set the mood, probably dim the light or light some candles if you are into that. Have some music playing in the background too, you know that sex playlist you have but haven’t even used for sex yet, have it playing in the background.
  • Make sure you are comfortable; you need to be comfortable for you to enjoy the orgasm you are about to get. Free your mind and also make sure no one is going to barge into the room mid orgasm because that will really kill your vibe.
  • Think about your fantasies; doing this will help you get into the mood quickly, think of things you would like to be done to you or think of that one person that gets you hot in between your thighs, also think of things you would like to do to that person, you will feel the excitement building up in your body.
  • Use your finger; building up the excitement by using your fingertips to trace your body, trace your inner thighs, your stomach and other erogenous zones, the excitement will gradually be building up. Then use your fingertips to rub the skin surrounding your nipples (the areola), your nipple should be super erect and waiting for you and your vagina would be anticipating what is going to happen. You can use lube, lotion or oil to get them wet; you know it helps if it’s wet (hahaha.)
  • Gently start to pinch your nipples; pinch on them gently and try to pull them soft please, you don’t want to yank them off now do you? You can also squeeze and if you tend to lean towards the rough side, you can try to pinch the nipples harder and tug on them harder.
  • Roll your nipple between your thumb and your index finger, don’t limit yourself to this, try twisting your nipples too.
  • Try to explore your other erogenous zones while you are doing this, you can stimulate your vagina or your clitoris while you do this.
  • Keep doing these steps until you feel you are about to climax or have an orgasm then slow it down, make sure your body feel the rush then pull back, repeat this process as much as you can. Then when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, give in or let go and let the orgasm wash all over your body. The pleasure will hit you and take over your whole body. Give in; let it overcome your body. You might end up smiling as it washes over you then you are realising it isn’t so bad after all.

Now that you have experienced a nipple orgasm by yourself let’s get one with your partner.

Nipple Orgasms with a Partner

It is time to head into the bedroom and get that orgasm you crave so badly, you can try the solo method with your partner, or you can add a few things to make it more fun, don’t worry, I got you.  Just try to keep up okay.

  • Firstly, have your partner rub or squeeze at your nipples, this will stimulate the nerves in your nipples. They can also rub the areola too, just to get you good and turned on.
  • You can have your partner lick your nipples or make small circles around them, make sure they do not forget the areola too.  Keep doing this and pay attention to how your partner responses, also try blowing air on the nipple, that feels very good trust me.
  • Sucking: Once you notice your partner is getting more into the zones, start to suck on the nipples, this feels heavenly.
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  • You can nibble on your partner nipples if they would like that, gently nibble on it and bite it gently too if you know your partner would like that.
  • Keep watching out for how your partner react to what you are doing, keep going further and further, make it more intense.
  • You can also explore your partner other erogenous zones, to make them feel good while you give them that toe curling orgasm.

There you have it; you can try out these steps with your partner; they are fun to try. Also, do not forget to ask for consent from your partner before you guys start this.

We have to come to the end of the class; please do not share with your friends and families.

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Thank you for reading, and I will see you next time.

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