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It was a regular Saturday. To the others. But to her, it was the day she would see him. The boy who always made her smile so much and made her pause before she crossed the road into the hand… Continue Reading →

6 Tips To Guide Women To The Big O

Hi everyone especially my ladies, how are we doing? Today on the blog, we are discussing a very special topic so ladies grab your pen and the others and make sure to take notes for your partners too. Today we… Continue Reading →

7 Common Vaginal Infections; How to Identify Them And Stay Safe

Hi guys, welcome back to another session on Erotics and Whatnot. I hope you have all been safe and taking care of yourselves. Welcome into the new month, manifesting blessings for everyone. Suppose it’s your birthday this week; happy birthday… Continue Reading →

Basic Erogenous Zones in Men and Women for Beginners

Hello o, Welcome to my first blog post ever, and today we will be talking about Erogenous Zones. If you don’t know what they mean, find somewhere to sit (do that, I will wait.) Now that you are seated, shall… Continue Reading →

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