Hi everyone especially my ladies, how are we doing?

Today on the blog, we are discussing a very special topic so ladies grab your pen and the others and make sure to take notes for your partners too.

Today we are discussing ways to get ladies to reach the big O also known as the big finish and the infamous name “orgasm.”

The other day I was taking a calm walk around my Twitter and came across a tweet asking ladies to talk about the way they masturbate and my oh my, the ladies showed up with so much information.

Here is the tweet if you are interested.

Before we begin, I would like to say get your orgasms they are important.

Tips To Guide Women To The Big O

So my Ladies, today I have 6 tips for you to help you get to the big O, you can try these yourself or you can try them with a partner or your partner can watch while you touch yourself (hey, whatever you are into right?)

It is the Ice Age and you are a horny ice woman

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If you have had any ice cubes induced orgasms, I want to say you are enjoying and you have no idea how much. So basically to achieve orgasm using ice, you get a piece of ice cube and hold it to your clitoris. It will feel weird at first and you might feel uncomfortable but hold it there, rub it against your clitoris anyhow you want, explore with it and you will get one of the best orgasms you have ever had. Alternatively, your partner can hold it in their mouth while they go down on you, you will get a cooling sensation down there, so just relax and allow them to guide you to the big O.

Hump like your life depends on it

For this one, you can use a pillow or a thick blanket if you have one. So what you want to do is place your vibrator if you have one under the pillow, you can go without the vibrator too. Spread your legs and lie on your stomach with the pillow or the thick blanket under your legs and hump gradually, control the tempo, and hump yourself to toe-curling orgasms.

ASMR masturbation Instruction

Did you know there are websites that will instruct you on how to have orgasms, all you have to do is visit the websites and you can even find them on Spotify. There are tons of sex sounds ASMR on Spotify and I stumbled on this when I typed in “ASMR” wanting to listen to relaxing sounds so put on your earphones or pods and power away. Allow the sounds to wash over you and have fun with your toys or fingers and do what comes naturally on your way to the big O.

Read Erotica

Find you some of the nastiest erotica out there, there are a few ones on this blog if you look toward here. Read them as you prepare to get yourself ready for orgasm. Allow the anticipation to build gradually as you start to pleasure yourself. Don’t overdo it or even go overboard, anything you want to do.

Holding it in

Have you ever peed after holding it in for a long time? Pure orgasm. This way, you want to hold in your pee if you want to touch yourself, the anticipation and the excitement will help you get there faster. Then after your orgasm, pee, it will feel like a double orgasm and rock your world. I promise.

Get in the shower:

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Ladies you know those showerhead thingies with multiple streams for the water? They will help you so much. All you have to do is turn it on, hold it to your vagina, and have fun. You can set the water to cold or even warm if you feel like it, don’t be afraid to go past your limit and enjoy your way to the big O.

Make sure to use these tips if you are interested in taking your “big O” game to the next level and make sure to leave me a review (wink, wink).

I would like to know the tips you will be using from this list and let me know if you would like a second list of tips to guide women to the big O.

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