Hello o, Welcome to my first blog post ever, and today we will be talking about Erogenous Zones. If you don’t know what they mean, find somewhere to sit (do that, I will wait.) Now that you are seated, shall we begin (You already know what to do if you aren’t 18, use the door, dear.) Shall we?

What are Erogenous Zones and how many are they?

Erogenous zones my sister and brother (reaches for chin chin) are zones in the human body that can induce pleasure when caressed or touched or even just a light tap. Hold on, let me break it down for you; know when your partner touches you on perhaps your neck or your ear, and you get a tingly feeling, it is an erogenous zone.  It can also induce sexual arousal (all your body will stand 🙈.)

They are located all over the body, but there will be different reactions in humans when their erogenous zones are caressed or touched. For example, Shade might have an orgasm if you merely suck on her neck while Funmi will moan; nothing go shake am.  And please and please, before we enter how many erogenous zones they are, please always ask your partner before exploring some of their erogenous zones because some of the zones might be a little weird to them. Okay good.

Now that we have that out of the way, there are actually two types of erogenous zones; The Specific Zones and The Nonspecific Zones.

  1. The Specific Zones: These are zones that are usually associated with sexual response like the vagina, the penis, the inner thighs, the balls and the clitoris. Of course you know all these places in your partner’s body😉.
  2. Nonspecific Zones are actually normal skin covered in hair like the back of the neck, the armpit and some parts of the chest. A slight tickle or running of hands on these can induce pleasure. That is why if you touch Funmi at the back of her neck, she will say she is in the mood that you two should do foki foki.(I will be using this term a lot in this blog, this means Sex or Coitus.)

Erogenous Zones in Men

There are Erogenous zones in women as in men, although they are more in women than in men (you know how it goes, you don’t know? Then you are still under 18; I already told you to leave.

You might be surprised how many of these zones you have actually skipped when being intimate with a man; then it’s a good thing you came here so next time you don’t miss them. Want to give your partner a toe-curling orgasm or make him go crazy all over for you, then you should definitely watch out for these zones I am about to list for you.

The erogenous zones in men are as follows; The Frenulum, The Sole of the Feet, The Prostate Gland, The Thumb, The Nipples, The Sacrum and The Gluteal Fold. They sound weird right, don’t worry, give me a few seconds (*takes a sip of ice tea.)

  • The Frenulum: This is the spot between the foreskin of the penis and the shaft of a penis, it is just below the head of the penis, and this is the equivalent of a clitoris in a man’s body. So my dear, watch out for this spot the next you and that man is about to get intimate together.
  • The Sole of the Feet: Yes, I know I said feet, hence why I said ask your partner before you caress anyone of the erogenous zones that feel weird to you, most people are not comfortable with this. You can actually find the erogenous zone in the sole of the feet by gentling the spot under their toes. (Make sure the foot is clean before you start o.)
  • The Prostate Gland: This spot (hmmm) is actually one of the greatest erogenous zones in a man and I don’t even know why I’m putting it in number three. This is equivalent to hitting the G-spot if you hit this spot right 😉. You will find the spot in the man’ anus, just insert three quarter of your finger inside his anus, it is shaped like a walnut. And it is towards the base if the penis so you know which direction to go in. Please and please, ask him, before you even enter inside the room for foki foki, tell him what you intend to do to him beforehand (ask if he is interested in experimenting with you.)
  • The Thumb:  This is my personal favourite by the way 🙈. Don’t just concentrate your energy on giving him sexual pleasure in the penis area, extend to other places. Most men consider thumb sucking really sexy, so go ahead, and suck on his thumb to help me connect his mind and body while giving you intense strokes.
  • The Nipples: This is my second favourite (and don’t you even dare say I can’t have more than one favourite.) Trust me, men love it when you play with their nipples, it literally drives the crazy. Sucking on it, tugging on it with your teeth, gently squeezing it (key word gently.) can give them intense pleasure. You know where to find this now or do you want me to guide your hand there.
  • The Sacrum: This is actually that triangular space between the base of the spine and the hips (the smalls pace at the base of their back.) This spot when caressed can enable a man to release and let go and also enable him have an orgasm faster.
  • The Gluteal Fold: This is the spot where the thighs meet with the butt, the fold between them is a very sensitive spot and why some men like getting spanked. Honey don’t be shy and ask your sexual partner how he feels about this before you proceed to ravage his body with orgasms.
  • The Scrotal Raphe: The balls dear, the balls. You might have already known this but the raphe is the middle line between the two balls and the scrotal sack is the skin around the balls. Concentrate on these two and watch him moan you name out like his life depends on it.

Erogenous Zones in Women

I know some men have trouble getting women to have orgasms; it’s okay, don’t worry after what you are about to read. I can assure you the next time you get together with your partner, she will feel her soul leave her body.

Getting a woman to orgasm seems like a herculean task; some women even fake the orgasms to make the man feel like he achieved something. And then there are people like men that haven’t even had one before (God when.)

Now, if you watch Friends, you would remember that iconic scene where Monica talks about the erogenous zones and start to shout seven repeatedly.

They are The Ear, The Lips, The Neck, The Butt, The Breasts, The Inner Thighs and The Vagina.

You might not have seen or heard of some zones being erogenous zones, but today you are well informed (three cheers for Sameerah). Don’t be overwhelmed; I will explain them to you (gets up to pee.)

  • The Ears: Nibbling on this zone makes some women go crazy (I said nibble not bite on it like you want to eat ponmo.) Gently nibble on the outer part and trace it with your tongue also, it will make her hairs stand. (If you can say her name into the eras and tell her what you are about to do, my God, she will take a deep breath and relax.)
  • The Lips: Kissing is one of the elite things to ever exist, it is so intimate, kiss her on the lips and near her lips. Nibble on it very gently too, get into her mouth with your tongue, wriggle around it, suck on her tongue, moan in her mouth 😈.
  • The neck: Explore this place the back of the neck too, it is very ticklish. Let her know that you know what you are doing, kiss on it, suck on it gently and bite on it gently (gently o, don’ go and start biting someone’s daughter aggressively.)
  • The Breasts: Those two rounds havens on the chest, breasts are one of the beautiful things on this earth and if you are a breast person, you are a person of culture (personally I’m a breasts person.) Gently squeeze them and caress them. Watch how she responds to your touch (some women their breasts being squeezed, so please ask for consent.). Suck on them too 😫. The nipples too, caress them with your hands, tug on it with your thumb, gently lick them with your tongue and suck on it (I bet you can hear her moaning your name in your head right now.)
  • The Butt: Ask for consent o, before you try this with her. You can caress and squeeze this zone also stick a thumb or finger in her ass (some woman are uncomfortable with this, so tell her beforehand.)
  • The Inner Thighs: The part of her thighs leading up to her vagina, trace that post with your finger, it is a highly sensitive zone. Kiss on it, and breathe on it, let her shiver in anticipation of what you are about to do to her.
  • The Vagina: Other nicknames include; Pussy, Vajayjay, Coochie. You know where to find this, don’t just thrust her with your penis immediately, take your time and explore the vagina, her body will be screaming by the time you are done.

Other Erogenous Zones in Men & Women

Other erogenous zones in men and women include; The Fingertips, The Lower Back, The Inner Wrist, The Scalp, The Armpit and The Stomach.

  • The Fingertips: This is your access point to other erogenous zones, found at the tip of the singers as the name implies, sucking or nibbling on it can induce sexual desire in women.
  • The Lower Back: Found at the base of the base, that spot that the man holds or grabs while in a doggy position or even when you and your partner are snuggled together. Having your partner touch this post is very appealing and will literally send shivers up a woman’s spine.
  • The Inner Wrist: located in the wrist of the hand, this zone is very delicate and the skin there is very thin. Holding hands is on the oldest forms of love, this allows for touching of the inner wrist. You can involve the writs anyway you want when you are getting intimate with our partner, you can tie then if you are interested in a more rough love scene. A gentle kiss or light caressing should do the trick.
  • The Scalp: Located at the top of the head (my God, bald women must be getting another level of pleasure.)Having your partner run their hand through your scalp is a very heavenly feeling, give your partner a scalp massage and watch her get wet down there 😫.
  • The Stomach: Most people (male and female included) don’t know that this is an important erogenous zone. This is also because we hold so many emotions in our stomachs, the experience of letting go and allowing your partner to touch you there can be a major intimacy booster. It is made up of different zones also like the navel and the inside of your hips.

Don’t be shy to explore these zones with your sexual partner; it is guaranteed to make the whole sexual experience enjoyable for both of you. Don’t force your partner into doing what makes them comfortable; please always ask for their consent.

Suppose you would like to know how to stimulate these zones and have an ultimate sexual experience, head on to how to post on how to stimulate basic erogenous zones in men and women. If you like this post, please drop a comment and let me know what you think and also, let me know if you would be trying out what you read.

See you next time, thank you for reading.