It was a regular Saturday.

To the others.

But to her, it was the day she would see him.

The boy who always made her smile so much and made her pause before she crossed the road into the hand of a car, she wasn’t paying attention because she was recalling the text he sent the previous night.

How he drove her crazy.

Now after days of texting, late-night calls, countless voice notes and snaps exchanged, she was finally going to meet and touch him.

He was seated in his car across the road waiting for her to come.

Her body tingled as she thought of him touching her mere seconds apart, she took a deep breath and crossed the road.

She prayed her legs looked normal as she crossed and that it didn’t look like they were skipping and shaking at the same time.

Getting to the other side, she took more breaths to steady herself as she walked forward toward his car, his smiling face was already greeting her from the rolled-up window and she prayed her heart would not burst.

“Hey,” she barely whispered as she watched him get out of the driver’s seat with a huge grin on his face and walked toward her.

“Hey,” he said before he engulfed her in his strong arms.

“Oh-” she managed to say as her breath caught in her throat. She certainly wasn’t expecting that and in public.

At her bus stop?

“Baby, do you mind if we get in the car?” she mumbled, squished against his arms.

“You don’t want people to stare at us?” He asked as he broke the hug and stared at her face.

She just smiled back at his face and he laughed as he led her toward the car.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said.

‘What?” she asked as she looked up to see a man approaching his car with his hands stretched.  “Who is that?”

“I had a friend drive us.” He said as he smiled at the guy and handed him the keys.

“What’s up?” The guy said to her and walked toward the car ahead of them.

“J, why? You can drive us, can’t you?”

‘Yes,” he held her hand and started walking her toward the car. “But how else am I supposed to eat you out on the way home?”

“J, what did you say?” She whispered alarmed as he opened the car door for her.

“Just get in,” he said with a smile.

She took her seat in the car and wrangled her fingers together. She looked up to see a tiny black curtain hung in front of her obscuring her from seeing the driver.

J got in beside her, smiled again, and tapped the guy in front, “We can go now, thanks.”

He winked at her and closed his side of the curtain, completely hiding them from the driver’s view.

“J, don’t you think he can hear-”

She couldn’t get one more word out as J closed the distance between them and brought his mouth hard on her. His mouth was rough against her lips which were soft and tasted almost silky, she cupped the back of his head as he pressed on further.

She could almost taste the hunger from his lips, she opened wider for him and filled every inch of her mouth with his and her throat with his tongue.

He pulled her closer and she lost her body in his as his hands began to explore all over her body grabbing whatever he could find.

She sighed and tore away from him, smiled and pressed herself against his chest.

“I love kissing you so much babe, I love it and you so much.”

‘I love it too,” she smiled and snuggled her face into his chest.

“Fuck, I just want to take you right here. I am so hard already just staring at your body.”

“I am not even naked J,” she breathed.

“You don’t have to be, just thinking of me doing things gets me so hard.” He bit his lips. “You know what?”

“What?” She raised her head to his face and she saw a twinkle in his eyes.

“J, oh come on,” she laughed.

He smirked and started to trace his fingernails down her thighs.

“I have something in mind.” He chuckled as his fingers reached her inner thighs and started to rub.

“Hmm,” she bit her lips and looked up at him.

“Promise to be quiet?” He said with a sparkle in his eyes.

She nodded and J grabbed her legs and pulled them on the chair as he pushed her back toward the window so her legs faced him.

She smiled as she pictured what he was about to do to her.

J lifted her dress and saw she was wearing panties alone, he saw her leaking through her panties for him. He kissed his teeth and reached for her panties to take them off.

As he did, he saw her pussy breathing for him, and his mind did a triple take.

He was going to enjoy devouring her.

He set her legs apart, placed one hand on her waist, and pushed her further against the window so he could enjoy the view.

Her pussy was inviting and he was sure he called his name, she sniffed in his hands as she expected him.

He went head first and his tongue met her meat, it was wet and he licked.

When his tongue hit her, she turned her head up and bit her lip, it was sweet, so sweet as he kept licking her up.

His tongue snaked through her pussy, licking his way around as she moaned with each tongue stroke and tried to hold on.

He dug his tongue inside her and she gasped even more as he started to tongue fuck her, every stroke was sharp, and called her back to him.

He wrapped his two hands around her waist and kept going on, she cried as he lick her clit more, taking no pauses.

She could feel it coming from her head, it was too sweet to let go.

“Yeah, wait slower,” she shouted at him.

He didn’t seem to heed as he went faster on her clit, licking and slurping the juices that were starting to seep out of her.

Her legs were starting to shake in his hands and she tried to get away from him.

‘No now,” he mumbled against her meat and pulled her legs into place.

He started to lick again, faster than last time fearing his jaw would lock but he kept going for her, she groaned and cried more as she felt her juices rushing from her.

She heard him slurping as she gushed into his mouth, his “hmmm” filled the car as it hit a bump and his head jumped up.

“Fuck,” she gasped as he kept licking her, her legs vibrated more and more and she felt the feeling spread more across her body. It was almost at her fingertips and she let go into him.

She gave a sharp cry as the orgasm overpowered her and the sweet feeling enveloped her body. His hands still stayed on her legs holding her in place as she whimpered into his hands.

He released her legs when her breathing got steady, he raised his head to her and moved toward her head.

He went for her lips and she felt herself pour back into her mouth as she opened her mouth for him.

I taste so nice.” She thought as she swallowed herself.

He smiled against her lips as she swallowed and he pulled back to her seating position.

“Oh my God,” she groaned as she collapsed on his shoulder.

“Yes, baby,” he said as she licked his lips beside her.

“I can’t wait to do that all night.”

“J, will I survive the night?”

“That will be for you to deserve.” He chuckled and took her hand.

He lifted her hands to his lips and kissed them.

“I can’t wait.”

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