Hello, my babies; how are you doing? Today is a new month, so it is only right the new story series is uploaded. This one has been in the works for a while, and I am so excited for you to read it. 

The new story series is called Parks of Being with Yoruba men, an account of a new character, Ifeoluwa.

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Let’s get into the story; my hands are tingling already. (If you are a minor, turn away right now).

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Ifeoluwa’s Story

Did I tell you about him? No? Ah, it must have skipped my mind. His name was Sunkanmi, a proper fine Yoruba man, kai omo yen fine gan. When we met, he was the perfect Yoruba man, skin as toned as properly prepared amala, his teeth were arranged to perfection, and when he smiled, whew, lord help my soul. 

When he spoke, it was like he wasn’t singing, he was spitting promises, and all I could do was stand and watch as he unraveled my reality. His touch is not something I can describe because words cannot even put in what I felt when his hands touched me. 

But wait, I am getting ahead of myself; I do that sometimes when I tell people about him; I go on and on without focusing on the hurt.

It all started on the day of the conference. My boss had asked me to fly to Lagos to speak at a two-day tech convention; my first thought was I didn’t want to go. I liked staying behind my laptop and hiding my face away from the world. 

Of course, he persuaded me with the promise of money, all expenses paid, and an escorted ride to Lagos nightlife; I had to go; I mean, come on, who wouldn’t? 

I saw him first on my first night at the hotel; I had just got in from my flight and wanted to grab a drink at the bar. He was at the bar with his fellow tech bros, don’t ask me how I knew he was a tech bro; you will know, by the way. 

I didn’t say hi, and I was pretty sure he didn’t notice me; I poured my drink down my throat and left; I was aching all over. 

The next morning was the first day of the conference; I got all dressed up, a little skirt and a top that I knew highlighted all my highlights if you know what I mean, wink, wink. As soon as I entered the hall, I knew I was a snatch.

I was called to the front, and I felt the hot eyes of everyone on me; I thought my skin would peel. But there he was, smiling and staring at me, and I didn’t care about the hot eyes but his alone. He held his hand out and helped me to my seat. 

“Nice to have you here,” he whispered. 

I felt my hair stand as I sat beside him, trying hard not to blush for everyone in the hall. His name was announced, and I stared in awe as he spoke. By the time my name was called, I was so lost that the announcer had to tap my shoulder to get my attention. 

I got to know his name was Akintola; he lived in Abuja and was single. I got to know more when the conference was over, and I was talking to the other attendees, and he walked up to me. 

“Nice speech, Miss. Olaniyi,” he said, smiling as he walked into the group. 

“Call me Ifeoluwa,” I smiled and extended my hands to him. 

He took it, the shake was firm, and I could have sworn I moaned a little because when I came to, we were alone. 

“So Ifeoluwa, your speech was excellent. I thought it was innovative and inspired,” He grabbed two glasses from a nearby waiter’s tray. 

“Yours speech was amazing, the new initiative you proposed is going to disrupt the web3 space, that was amazing, how did you come up with it?” 

I took one glass from him and hoped my hands didn’t visibly shake. 

“I can tell you all about it,” he leaned in and whispered, “poolside tonight.” 

He winked at me and turned to leave. If anyone had taken a picture of that moment, they would have taken a picture of me with my mouth open and a glass of wine in hand. 

When I got back to my room, I felt conflicted between going out and staying in my room. Curiosity got the better, and I found myself at the pool wearing a tiny dress and slippers. 

I ordered a Negroni and sat pretty, waiting for Akintola to show up. 

He showed up fifteen minutes later with his band of merry men; I didn’t approach or even greet him. He came up to me five minutes later and asked how I was. 

“I am only here for our talk and after that, I will be leaving.” 

“I doubt that,” He smiled and leaned into his seat. 

“Why?” I laughed. 

“You are wearing that sexy ass dress and you want to talk alone? Come on Ifeoluwa,” he scoffed. 

“Maybe I came to meet men, I am also single,” I eyed him. 

“Well then hello, nice to meet you Ifeoluwa,” He took my free hand and caressed it. 

“Nice to meet you too,” I blushed under cover of the Negroni glass. 

 “I think we would have fun together. Don’t you think so?” He smiled as he looked directly into my eyes. 

Twenty minutes later, I found myself kneeling in the hotel elevator with my mouth wrapped around his cock. 

His moans filled the room as I gulped and sucked his veiny cock. We had stopped the elevator, and the throat goat in me jumped out.

His cock touched the back of my throat, and I licked my way away. It was a wonder how no one caught us. 

“You are a whore, Ifeoluwa. Did you know that?” Akintola laughed as we got off the elevator. We held hands and went up to my room. 

“I sometimes try,” I giggled and pushed him against the wall. The kiss was rough, and I wanted more from him; he squeezed my ass I moaned into the sweet ecstasy that was his mouth. His tongue travelled all over mine, sucking my tongue as I let myself go in his arms. 

“Let us go in your room before someone sees us,” Akintola gasped as he broke the kiss. 

“No, I want to get fucked right here,” I protested and raised my tiny dress. I shifted the tiny thong I wore to one side. “Take me right now,” I begged. 

Akintola looked at me for a second and laughed. “I don’t know if you are crazy Ifeoluwa but that is just too hot to ignore.”

He shoved me against the wall and slid my panties off; I heard him sniff them and groan. I heard his pants zip come off, and I gasped when I felt his cock enter my already wet pussy. He bent me over, grabbing my ass closer. 

I cried out as he pounded my pussy; each stroke was sweeter than the last. I almost cried at one point because my pussy felt like it had come to life. I could feel my pussy building up the sensation, and I tried to hang on for more. 

He arched my ass further and pounded harder while I cried softly, desperately hoping it would last forever, but it didn’t. My pussy finally exploded, and I squirted all over him.

“Fuck, Fuck,” I gasped as my squirt went over the floor.

I fell to the floor breathless; the sex was intense and felt more amazing than anything else I had ever felt. 

Akintola stood in front of me and threw my panties at me.

“Take this into my room?” I winked at him; my panties laid in front of me. 

“Uhmm…I kind of have something to do tonight.” 

“Oh, okay. Can I come with? Maybe I can help you?” I asked. 

“Not really. It is fine. We will talk later thought.” 

He started to walk away; I watched as he disappeared near a bend. I didn’t bother putting my panties on and walked to my room with my bare pussy, it is a wonder no one saw us, but I was sure the surveillance guys would have taken a good look. 

The following day was the last of the conference, and I didn’t see Akintola at the hall, but I did see him in the hotel lobby. He looked like he was in a rush, so I went over to say hi. 

“Hey stranger, I didn’t see you in there, you good?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah sure.”

He smiled weakly, and I noticed the bag beside him. 

“Leaving so soon?” 

“Yeah, family emergency.” 

“Oh Sorry about that, can I get your number so when I get back to Abuja, we can link up?” I winked. 

“No, I don’t see how that can happen.” Akintola smiled.


“You see my wife gave birth early this morning and I have to be with her.” Akintola said. 

It was so casual that I blinked three times to process what I had heard. 

“I beg your pardon?” I asked, shocked. 

“You didn’t think I was single did you?” 

“You told me you were.” I scoffed. 

“Come on, it’s just something you say. Don’t take it serious.” 

“Serious? We fucked Akin,” I almost shouted. 

“And it was good,” Akintola leaned towards me, “Your pussy was one of the best I have ever had,” he said and kissed my cheek. 

He turned to leave and left me standing with the same look I had when he first talked to me.

For the rest of that day, I found out what I could about him and packed my bags later that evening, intending to return to Abuja a day before I was supposed to. 

Akintola would see me again, and oh, would he be surprised. 

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