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Who recalls the last perks of being with Yoruba men’s story? Two points for you if you remember; for those who don’t, you can catch up on the story if you click here.

This week, we are concluding Ifeoluwa’s account, the hot techie that had a rendezvous with a tech bro in a hotel hallway and discovered he was married the following day.

Let’s begin.


He didn’t see me; how dare he not recognize me, even if he didn’t; how could he not remember the mouth that was around his penis?

I watched as Akintola sat with his friends at the bar, laughing as they ordered drinks. He was quite jovial for someone who claimed he had a wife that just given birth. I will let him have his fun, and while he does that, I will fill you in on what has happened since I left the conference in Lagos.

The day I left Lagos, I called a friend and asked him to get all the info he could; he got me the name of Akintola’s family and address. All I had to do was get into his life and make him remember how he used me.

After an hour, I headed straight to Akintola’s table; the look on his face made the whole experience worthwhile. I would have turned and left, but I needed to hit home.

“Akintola right?” I smiled as I reached the table. Akintola looked like he would choke on his drink.

“Good evening everyone,” I said to the guys at the table; they all smiled at me. “I’m Ifeoluwa.”

“Good evening,Ifeoluwa,” one of Akintola’s guys said. “You know him?”

“Yes, I do. I heard him talk at a tech conference in Lagos. He made quite an impression,” I winked at Akintola.

“Say hi now, don’t be rude.” Another one of his guys said.

“Maybe he is just so shy,” I giggled and extended my hand to Akintola.

“Hello Ifeoluwa, nice to meet you,” Akintola took my hand and forced a smile.

“Can you join us?”

“She might have somewhere she is going,” Akintola’s fake smile grew larger.

“I am happy to sit and have a few drinks with you guys,” I smiled. “I would love to sit beside you.”

I made my way to Akintola, where one of his friends pulled a chair for me. I took my seat and placed a hand on Akintola’s lap. I smiled as his body went rigid.

“What would you like anything Ifeoluwa?” the guys at the table asked.

“Anything, I have to leave soon. I have a flight to catch.”

Akintola lifted my hand off his lap. “Let me follow you and call a taxi for you.”

“I hope I will see you again,” I smiled and left my seat.

Akintola walked me out of the bar, smiling like he was happy with what he was doing. I held his hand and smiled, too; it was an experience.

We got outside, and Akintola let go out of my hand.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing, ehn Ifeoluwa?” Akintola shouted, and some of the people outside looked in our direction.

I pulled Akintola toward my car, laughing as we went along.

“Nothing Akintola, what are you doing?”

“Why did you follow me here?”

“Followed you?” I held a hand to my chest. “How dare you? I am just enjoying an evening out, nothing more,” I faked a laugh.

“You listen to me Ifeoluwa,” Akintola grabbed my arm. “Don’t think I don’t know what you are pulling, we had a one-time thing, leave me alone.”

I released my hand from Akintola’s hold. “It was not a one-time thing because I was under the impression you were single. I am not here for me, I am here for your wife and kids.”

“Get in your car Ifeoluwa.”

“No,” I folded my arm across my chest.

“I said get into your car. Let us sort this out once and for all.”

I sighed and opened my car for Akintola while I got in through the driver’s side.

“What do you know about my wife and kids, Ifeoluwa?” Akintola shouted seconds after I closed the door.

“Nothing much except where your wife works and where your children go to school. Don’t worry, I will not approach your kids, I will just have a talk with your wife to congratulate her,” I smiled.

“You are crazy, we had a fling Ifeoluwa. Get over it.”

“No, you made me, Ifeoluwa feel dirty, you scumbag. You think I would have done it if I knew you had a family? What am I, Stupid?”

“It is on me. Not on you, you can leave me alone now.”

I snuggled closer to Akintola. “The thing is I cannot. I miss that thing you have in your pants,” I batted my eyelashes at him.

“What are you doing? What do you want now?”

“I just want a little taste, that’s all. One more time and I will leave you alone.”

“Okay fine,” Akintola sighed. “I will give you what you want.”

I smiled as I unzipped Akintola’s pants. Could you believe he was already hard underneath? I wrapped my mouth around his penis, which was warm and familiar. I missed it.

I heard Akintola grunt and held my head in place; he shifted in his seat to relax as I pleasured him. My tongue went all over, and I shoved deeper until I had nothing to give. My slurps filled the car as I licked with spit everywhere.

I massaged his balls, breathed out of my mouth, and tried to get his whole penis inside my mouth. He held my head down firmer and cried in pure sweet pleasure.

I came up for air and licked my lips.

“What?” Akintola gasped. “You will not allow me finish?”

“This was for me not for you.” I smiled.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means I took you for a ride one last time and you fell for it.” I smiled. “Say hi for me,” I pointed in the back at a camera.

“What the hell?” Akintola shouted as he looked in the back.

“What? First time being filmed?”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Akintola reached back for the camera.

“That won’t help you. I have what I want already so take the camera with you.”

Akintola blinked in confusion.

“Your wife will get the pictures by sometime this week, it will be delivered in large prints.”

“Please don’t do this to me, Ifeoluwa please,” Akintola begged.

“I am not doing anything to you. Your wife needs to know what a shit bag you are, she deserves someone far better than you and she should know that.”

“I will do anything…please.”

“Your part here is done,” I reached across Akintola and unlocked his side of the door. “Get out.”

“Ifeoluwa, please just…please,” Akintola’s voice started to break.

“Get out.” I shouted.

Akintola got out of his seat and left my car; I heard him sobbing. I held up the middle finger as I drove away from him.

I cleaned the tears that were beginning to drop from my eyes; that would teach Akintola not to mess around.

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