Hi guy; welcome to the last post of 2022. My oh my, we had a year, huh? It is only right that you get end-of-the-year goodies from me.

So today, we will be taking an ultimate sex and relationship quiz. They are two quizzes; you can take them and share your results with your friends and your contact lists.

These quizzes will tell your overall score for the year 2022. Remember, this is just for fun if you feel offended for any reason at any point while taking any of the quizzes, I sincerely apologize.

Ultimate Sex And Relationship Quiz

Relationship Quiz

Take the Erotics and Whatnot relationship quiz to find out what your year was like relationship-wise.

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Sex Quiz

Take the Erotics and Whatnot sex quiz to find your overall sex score for 2022.

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Make sure to share your Ultimate Sex and Relationship Quiz results.

This year has been beautiful, and I am grateful I had all of you to share it with. Do subscribe to get the end-of-the-year newsletters (word on the street is they can make your day).

See you in 2023. I will miss you.


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