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Today on the blog, we will be talking about to how to dominate your partner better during sex, I know I am so excited too.

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Tips That Will Help You Dominate Your Partner

Have you ever been dominated? Are you a person that dominates your partner? I mean have you ever had someone take control while you sat there, knelt, and crawled (if that is what you are into) and took what they told you to do?

Have you ever dominated a person before (I mean I have, shhh), do you miss the thrill of it? Of being in charge and knowing the person being dominated will do all your will? It is a really sweet feeling.

For those of you who might find it weird to dominate your partner especially if your partner is into stuff like these and want to learn so they can make their partner happy or they just want to get better at dominating their partners, I have 8 tips to help you dominate your partner better today.

Make sure to take out a pen, this one will be quite informative.

  1. Initiate first: Do you want to dominate your partner and get dirty in the bedroom? Take the first step, kiss them when they don’t expect it, I don’t mean in a public place or where they might be uncomfortable. Take the lead then led them into the bedroom and initiate what you want, but make sure it is not weird, try some dirty talking to get you two going in the mood. Just some light and easy stuff or a start.
  2. Tell them you are trying something new: You could talk your partner through something new you want to try. It might be something you have tried but you want to put a new spin on, whatever makes you comfortable. You could talk them through pleasuring you or pleasure them as you take control, as long as you are having fun.
  3. You have to be dominant as a person: First off, let me say this, most people have this misconception of domination in their hands. They think domination is like a 50 Shades of Grey movie where you have to start slapping or whipping your partner, this is merely a style of dominating. If you do not feel comfortable whipping or doing stuff like that to your partner, you can figure out other styles. Some people want to dominate their partner’s lives 24/7 and influence their lifestyle and some partners are cool with this but you need to explore and try out things you might like. You can try activities that are loving dominant and activities that are light. Remember, you should feel confident in your dominating style so that way you can enjoy it.
  4. Stay Safe and Know the Risks: You might have tried dominating your partner before but you should be aware of the risks. You can figure out a safe word with your partner for when they feel uncomfortable and would like to stop. Be sure to make sure they are safe when you dominate your partner and that you are aware of the risks involved.
  5. Things to do as a Dom: Before you start to dominate your partner, understand that as the dominating partner, there are some things you have to put in place.
    • If you plan to use tools, make sure you understand them. Don’t start using them, and have them go awry when you are in the zone with your partner. Things like this could lead to an emergency visit to the emergency room so figure out the tools you intend to use.
    • Startup slow: Make sure you ease your partner before you dominate your partner, start off slow, and build the tension and excitement up to the level you want. Don’t just immerse them into everything at once, start light.
    • Check-in and pay attention: Sometimes when engaging in activities like this, you can get feedback from your partner and make sure they like what you are doing, so don’t be shy to ask them if they like what you are doing. Also, pay attention to how they behave when you dominate your partner and do certain things to them. Note their reactions and body language.
    • Above all, make sure you have measures in place for when things go wrong because they can.
  6. Negotiating: Talk to your partner about their boundaries and introduce them to the tools you will use to dominate your partner. You might want to use a butt plug on your partner and they have never used that before or they don’t even know if they would like the experience or be open to it. So negotiate and talk about the limits your partner can go.
  7. Dominating Sytles to explore
    • Discipline: Ever heard or said the following words “You have been a bad… and you need to be punished”? This style bothers on creating rules and breaking them, so when your partner has been bad, you can punish them in different ways.
    • Bondage: You know the whole tying up and eating up your partner or restraining them and doing this to them? Yup this bothers on Bondage as the name suggests, just make your partner is comfortable.
    • Sadism: This form of domination comes from humiliating or inflicting pain on your partner. You can flog or hit your partner as far as you have discussed boundaries and they are comfortable.
  8. What to do after dominating: You should make sure to provide aftercare for your partner, remember being submissive can leave them feeling awkward after so reassure them and make them feel wanted. You can cuddle them and tell them reassuring words and how proud you are of them. You can provide them with food or a hot cup of tea to calm their nerves. Just make sure they feel comfortable.

If you want to dominate your partner, make sure you use these tips and be respectful of what your partner thinks and feels. Let me know if you want part 2 of this list.

There are different dominating styles, you can look them up online and this is something you can involve your partner, remember as long as they are comfortable.

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