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Now, what I have for you today is a controversial topic; people have been confused about what it really means. Well, last week, I was my timeline on Twitter, and I came across a tweet where a lady said her squirt smelt like pee. People asked if she was sure it was urine and not squirt, and I got inspired and decided to write this piece. So let’s go.

What is Squirt?

The ancient Greeks claimed that female squirt or semen, as they termed it, was necessary for conception. And I think that Friends fans would remember that episode where Jack caught Monica and Chandler in the bathroom trying to have a baby, and he gave them a tip that when a woman has an orgasm during sex, her chances of having a baby are higher.
Squirting has existed since time immemorial, it was mentioned in Taoist texts, and Aristotle even described the emission of female fluid in his writings.

Squirt is the liquid that is expelled from the vulva during sex or stimulation of the g-spot. Please do not confuse it for pee; it looks like pee, but it isn’t pure pee; it is a combination of urea, uric acid, and creatinine. So please, it is not supposed to smell like pee or even taste like pee (for those of y’all that accidentally or intentionally tasted squirt). So if you are with your female partner and she supposedly squirts on your sheets, and it smells like urine the next day, I got news for you, mister.

It is not supposed to smell like pee; some women have described the smell as oaty or wheaty, squirt will also look lighter than pee, and pee will probably look like, you know… Pee.

Squirting usually occurs when the g-spot is stimulated; it also occurs when the clitoris is stimulated too. If you want to get her to squirt faster, hold her vibrator to her clitoris, and my oh my, Niagra falls would be competing with the squirt coming out of her (Shhh, you didn’t hear this from me, okay).

Squirting feels like an orgasm for some women (keyword: like), they will feel it like a release, and their body feels calmer after they squirt or ejaculate. Some women have an orgasm then go on to ejaculate, really intense stuff, I tell you.

Squirting doesn’t necessarily mean your female partner is having an orgasm; some women might squirt and haven’t reached orgasm; at this point, some male partners will want to stop; please do not, give her an orgasm please, and she really deserves one.
Some women also feel like peeing when they want to squirt, and most men won’t stop to allow them to pee because they know their female partner is about to squirt.

Female ejaculation and squirting are used interchangeably, but they are not necessarily the same; female ejaculation is the release of a scanty thick and whitish fluid from the female prostate, while squirting is the expulsion of diluted fluid. Squirt can also be seen as the equivalent of pre-cum in men.

A little birdie once told me (yes, I said a little birdie) about a woman who was about to have a foki foki session with her man; apparently, she was pressed before and didn’t tell. So he was busy giving her his best moves, and she said she needed to pee; he thought she was about to squirt and told her to go in the bathroom and not do it on his sheets. So they went into the bathroom and continued, believe me to God, this woman peed, and her man felt really good that he made her squirt, and she went along with it.

Generally, anyone with a vulva is supposed to squirt, but not everyone with a vulva can; that is, some women can while some can’t. It’s okay, honey; there is nothing wrong with you; if you can’t squirt, you are totally fine.

Some women squirt by themselves during masturbation (there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman trying to give herself maximum pleasure, maybe try it once in a while. I hear it’s one of the best feelings ever).
So go ahead, lay on your bed and or in the bathtub, put on your sex playlist, explore your erogenous zones, take your time and enjoy yourself, even pop open a bottle of wine, reward yourself for all that hard work you have been doing.

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If you are trying to get your female partner to squirt during sex, you can try the doggy and missionary positions. And if you are trying to get her to squirt with foreplay, you could explore her erogenous zones, taking your time with each one, so she is properly turned on.
You can use a toy, your mouth, or your fingers, and I read from Healthline that if you try stroking her clitoris with your tongue and finding the g-spot with your fingers, you will definitely get her to squirt. (I know you are welcome).

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So go ahead today and make your female partner squirt; she will thank you. Please make sure you have protectors for your sheets, or you will sleep on the wet side of the bed while she snuggles up in the dry side of the bed.
Anyway, have fun, kids, be careful, and always ask for consent, and do not assume. That’s the end of this session, and I hope you have fun reading and finding out new things.

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