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So today, we are going to be talking about saggy breasts. This is a very sensitive topic, and most people don’t know how to address it; some ladies are being stigmatized because of how their breasts are shaped, and it is just an unfair thing for them to go through.

Early this year, I posted some pictures on my birthday, and some people in the comments zoomed in on the pictures and laughed at my breasts. I was confused about how people could think that way, and I did my best to ignore them.

My breasts started to sag during the pandemic last year; I was scared and terrified I was sick or something was wrong with me; I went online, and you know once you Google your symptoms, there are two ways to it; Cancer or Death. I was mortified, but it turns out my breasts were normal after some tests and stuff.

Saggy breasts are nothing to be ashamed of, and people need to learn these things, so here I am. By the end of this post, I hope we are all enlightened on the causes of saggy breasts.

So let’s begin.

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Causes of Saggy Breasts

The Medical term of saggy breasts is called Breasts Ptosis, and it happens naturally with age, amongst other factors. There is no specific age for when the breasts will start to sag; some women experience it early in life, some during their early 30s or 40s, while for some later in life.

There are a lot of factors that can lead to breast ptosis; they will be explained below.

  • Age: This is the inevitable one. No matter how you try to avoid it, it will catch up with you. Aging will cause sagging normally after menopause when the hormone changes will affect the structure and shape of the breasts. This is one of th cases where some people will insult a young woman with saggy breasts, claiming she isn’t old so she shouldn’t have saggy breasts.
  • Lack of Proper Support:  By proper support, I mean bras for the breasts. You need to wear bras to support the breasts, you are not supposed to wear bras all the time but wear them when they are needed.  For example, when you are exercising and there is an activity where your breasts will be free and (jiggling). You need to wear a bra and if you feel a bra would be too limiting, you can wear a sports bra, they are more comfortable than normal bras.
  • Weight gain or loss: This can affect the shape and structure of the breasts because losing or gaining weight can stretch the skin around the breasts or shrink them.
  • Genetics: Yes, your breasts can get saggy if it runs in the family. This is because your genes play a part in your body weight, size and shape of your breasts.  So when you notice your breasts are getting saggy, don’t start panicking, have a talk with your mom or any trusted female in your family and find out if it runs in the family.
  • Smoking: This is a touchy topic so I will try to be as superficial as possible. Smoking causes the skin to lose elasticity so smokers may be likely to develop saggy breasts. Key word “may”.
  • Gravity: Yes my lovelies, you read that right. Gravity, that force that pulls you towards the earth, it works against you every second of the day. So while it pulls you down, it strains and stretches your breasts ligaments. Also if you have big breasts, you have a higher chance of succumbing to gravity than someone with smaller breasts because smaller breasts are more firm on the chest.
  • Pregnancies: Let me put simply; the more children you have, the more stretched out your breasts will become. Breasts go through a lot of changes through pregnancy and may grow larger to prepare for breastfeeding, and then after the baby is born, the skin stretches as breast milk fills the breasts. After breast feeding, the breasts may return to how it was before the pregnancy. To limit the effects of breastfeeding and pregnancy on your breasts, you can try to wear a supportive nursing bra, use a safe moisturizer on your breasts and try to lose the pregnancy weight slowly.
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Possible Preventions of Saggy Breasts

The following are the possible prevention of saggy breasts; if you know of any prevention that I didn’t include, you can go ahead and drop it in the comments.

  • Water: Aproko Doctor would be so proud (haha). Yes my lovelies drink water to keep your skin hydrated to preserve its elasticity.
  • Practise good posture: Please learn to sit properly and correctly, when you slouch, you are giving gravity the opportunity to pull you down more. Sitting correctly will support your breasts and give you a natural lift hereby reducing the risk of saggy breasts.
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  • Eat healthy and do exercises regularly and also try not lose weight or gain weight too quickly.
  • Smoking: Try to quit or try to reduce the way you smoke.

If you feel uncomfortable with the way your breasts are, maybe after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and you want to do something about them, you can get a breast augmentation done. You have to consult a specialist before you do this, so you can talk out the details and find out if breast augmentation is a good idea or not.

Sometimes, it can be hard to love your body, especially in these modern times when a beautiful body is portrayed as perfectly sculpted. People feel uncomfortable with their bodies, but try to understand that what is portrayed out there isn’t real and shouldn’t get to decide how to feel about your body.

Your body is beautiful the way it is, and you might not see it now, but it is. It might take a while for you to realize, which is fine.

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