Tayo pulled into the compound of Jolade’s father, he parked hurriedly, and Jolade barely got out of the car without getting injured. She almost fell to the ground and hurt herself.

She looked around the compound and saw her father’s car parked in the compound.

“Fuck, I am in trouble today”, Jolade muttered under her breath and started to walk towards the house.

“Aunty, where are you going?” Daniel asked her, coming out of the spot he was seated beside the house.

“I want to go greet daddy, of course,” Jolade said to him.

“Well, you can’t do that looking like that?” Daniel eyed her outfit.

“And what is wrong with my outfit?” Jolade spat at him.

“Oh nothing”, Daniel shrugged and walked closer to her. “Even though you kind of smell like” He leaned in to sniff her. “Cheap perfume and hot fuck”, Daniel said and started to laugh.

“Shut up,” Jolade said, flustered “Is it that obvious?”

“Yes, Jolade, it is. You look like you just came from a wrestling match,” Daniel said and started to laugh again.

“Stop laughing ode, what should I do?”

“Luckily for you, daddy said I should take you inside the house through the back and straight to your room to get changed,” Daniel told her and started to walk towards the direction he came in.

“Wait, Daniel,” Jolade said and went after him. “You didn’t tell Daddy I was at Kola’s, did you?” she asked him.

“Calm down, I no tell am. I be your guy; I just told him you went out to the movies and to eat out,” Daniel said.

“So why is he telling me to change?”

“That, I do not know,” Daniel said.

They were at the back door now; Daniel pulled it open and stepped inside.

“Daniel, you know something, come back here”, Jolade ran in after him. “Does daddy have guests he wants to introduce me to?”

“Jola, you too dey ask questions. My orders were to get you in new clothes and take you to meet daddy,” Daniel shouted at her.

Jolade shut up and followed Daniel around the back of the house, through the kitchen and the stairs leading to her room. They both went up the stairs to Jolade’s room.

“Oya go change abeg and come out looking presentable abeg. Daddy already shouted at me for letting you out of the house.” Daniel told her as she opened the door to her room.

Jolade stepped into the room and closed the door behind her; she first walked to her dressing mirror, and lo and behold, she did look like hot fuck; she laughed at herself, remembering the strokes Kola gave her. Her legs wobbled, and she had to sit on her chair to steady herself.

Her hair was a mess, but she could deal with that later: first, she had to deal with her face. Jolade took a couple of wipes from her table and wiped off her makeup.

“Okay, I look okay this way.” She said to herself, “Now for clothes” she glanced at her wardrobe.

She unzipped her skirt as she got up from her chair, kicked it on the floor and walked towards her wardrobe, and opened it and grabbed the first dress she saw.

She got off her top and squeezed herself into the dress; it was a green dress with a zip. It highlighted her breasts in the most glorious ways, and her curves were just perfect in the dress. She packed her hair up and smiled at herself.

“Jolade, you fine die,” she said and laughed.

She opened the door moments later to meet Daniel still at the door.

“I am done; let’s go,” she said.

“Thank goodness”, Daniel sighed, and he went towards the stairs without looking back at her.

They walled to the bottom of the stairs, and Daniel walked towards her father’s living room.

“Daniel, why are we going towards there?” Jolade asked him.

“This is where daddy is,” Daniel said and opened the door.

They both stepped into the living room, her father was laughing at something, but from where she stood, she could only see him seated on his armchair, and the TV was on.  Her father’s living room had a luxurious set of chairs and this gorgeous centre table, a flat-screen TV and a workstation just behind the door.

“Daddy, she is here”, Daniel announced.

“Thank goodness, bring her in”, her father answered back.

Daniel urged Jolade deeper into the room, she saw her father eating groundnut from a bottle, and she saw something new. A man was seated in front of her father; he was in a suit and tie and eating groundnut with her father.

“I knew it”, Jolade muttered under her breathe.

“Good luck,” Daniel said and left the room immediately.

“Jolade, have a seat” her father pointed to the chair in front of the man. “As you can see, we have a guest, his name is-”

“Boluwatife Grey” Jolade smiled at the man as she took her seat.

“Hello Jolade” Boluwatife smiled at her.

“You two know each other?” her father asked her.

“Yes, Daddy, who doesn’t know Boluwatife in elite Lagos circles. The eligible bachelor who most ladies want and throw themselves at,” Jolade said as she reached for the bottle of groundnut on the table.

“Jolade, you haven’t changed since that day on that island in Jamaica” Boluwatife smiled at her.

“I didn’t even know you two knew each other; that is very good then. It makes my work easier” Jolade’s father smiled at her.

“Daddy, why am I here?” she popped groundnut in her mouth.

“Jolade, let’s not do this right now,” her father said, forcing a smile.

“What do you mean, Daddy?”

“You see, Boluwatife here is a distinguished young man of the Grey family in Lagos, and he happens to be single too,” her father laughed.

“So, chief, you mean you want Boluwatife and me to talk to each other and see where this can lead?” Jolade eyed her father.

“A daughter like her father”, her father laughed. “Let me give you two some privacy ehn, so you can get to know each other, although I doubt that is needed,” Chief said and stood up to leave the room.

“Boluwatife?” the chief called at the door.

“Yes, Chief?” Boluwatife answered.

“Take it easy, Jolade is a wild cat, and it will take a lot to tame her,” Chief said and exited the room.

“So Bolu, what did it take to get you here? Did my father come to pick you up himself at your house to come to meet me because I know you hate things like this” Joalde said, facing Boluwatife.

“Jolade, are you always this straight to the point?”

“Always, so tell me why you are here?” Jola angled her eyebrows at him.

“I have no ulterior motive, and I wanted to see the beautiful Jolade Balogun that has left many men on their toes speechless” Boluwatife smiled; he adjusted his tie as he spoke.

“And now”, Jolade smiled at him, Boluwatife adjusting the tie brought back memories of that Island in Jamaica, he was the hottest man on the island, and she had regretted not getting with him.

“Well, I have no words” Boluwatife smiled while Jolade laughed to her heart’s content.

“Boluwatife cut to the chase; what time do I get dressed so you can take me out for dinner?” Jolade asked him.

“Jolade, you have no time to waste, huh?”

“I have none to waste please, I know you are doing this to get into my panties and to be honest, I want you in them, so why waste time?” Jolade said, standing up from her chair, “So what time, Boluwatife?”

“I will come to pick you up by 8”, Boluwatife answered her.

“Good boy, I will be waiting,” Jolade said and turned to leave the room. “Oh and Boluwatife, it was nice meeting you again. You can spend some time here if you like, and I would send the maid in to attend to you.”

Jolade flashed her perfect set of teeth at him as she exited the room; Boluwatife shifted in his seat; he ripped off his tie and took a deep breath. The sexual energy of Jolade was enough to make his penis burst through his pants; he couldn’t wait to take her body and experience the ride she would take him on.

Boluwatife took Jolade on a date to a restaurant on the island, a classy place, the suit and dress kind of place; Boluwatife already made reservations, so they were immediately shown to their table by the waiter at the door.

“Good to see you again, Mr Grey”, the waiter greeted them as he showed them to their table.

“Nice to see you again, huh,” Jolade said as she sat in her chair that Boluwatife pulled for her. “You must bring women here all the time then?”

“Only the most beautiful of them, of course,” Boluwatife laughed as he took his seat. “Bring the lady a glass of chardonnay please and a glass of brandy for me,” Boluwatife said to the waiter.

“Hold on, please,” Jolade said to the waiter as he was about to leave “, bring me a glass of brandy too.”

“Okay, ma’am,” the waiter said and left.

“Brandy? Jola, you are wilder than I thought,” Boluwatife remarked as he opened the menu in front of him.

“First time, you have been meeting soft women then.”

“You know I always think of that day in Jamaica” Boluwatife reached over and touched her hands. “I had my eyes on you the whole time, but I couldn’t do anything because I was in a relationship at that time.”

“I don’t think you are in a relationship now; otherwise, you wouldn’t be flaunting me here” Jolade smirked at him.  

“No, I am not, but that is not what I heard about you.”

The waiter brought their drinks in a tray and placed them on the table; he withdrew quietly from the table.

“Ugh, Daniel will always run his mouth”, Jolade groaned; she reached for her glass of brandy.

“He told me all about the teacher you are seeing.”

“If you mean seeing, then yes, I am fucking Kola,” Jolade said and took a sip from the glass.

“I make it a point not to indulge myself with a woman that has a romantic partner already.”

“I think you missed my point; I am fucking Kola, I am not in a romantic relationship with him, so do you want some or not?”

“Some of what” Boluwatife looked at her, confused.

“Pussy, Bolu, try to keep up” Jolade took another sip.

“I thought I would take you home first” Boluwatife laughed nervously.

“I do not want to waste my time; please, we can go right now.”

“Right now,” Boluwatife said, shocked.

“Yes, right now, I have been fucked perfectly today, and my vagina is craving some more, so are you up to the challenge.”

“Yes, I am, ma’am. I am up to it,” Boluwatife said; he could feel his penis getting excited.

“Good, go into the men’s bathroom; I will be with you in five minutes.”

“How do you know where it is?” Boluwatife asked her.

“Bolu, this isn’t my first time here too,” Jolade smirked at him “now go be a good boy and wait for me.”

Boluwatife stood up and left the table; he walked into a corner and disappeared; Jolade looked around to make sure she saw no one that she knew; her vagina was throbbing in anticipation of what would happen. She heard Boluwatife had a rather large penis, and she intended to get her fill.

Jolade downed the rest of her brandy in one gulp; she got up from her seat and walked provocatively in the restroom direction. She found the men’s bathroom and stepped in; she locked the door behind her and smiled at Boluwatife, who was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

“Take off your pants, big boy,” Jolade said, leaning against the door.

Boluwatife obeyed her immediately and took off his pants and drawers to reveal his already hard penis dangling.

“My God”, Jolade exclaimed as she walked to meet  him “hello,”  Jolade said as she grabbed his penis; she heard Boluwatife gasp and  smiled “, I have a home for you.”

She went over to the sink and sat on the counter with her back to the mirror; she urged Boluwatife to come to her. Jolade spread her leg apart to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties; she rubbed her already wet vagina and spread the juice all over Boluwatife’s lips.

“Fuck” Boluwatife exclaimed as he tasted her wetness.

“Go ahead, Bolu, ravage me”, Jolade pulled him closer to her and whispered into his ear.

Boluwatife spread her thighs part to allow him to get a grip on her body; he pulled her closer and inserted his penis into her.

“Oh yes, now that is what I’m talking about”, Jolade moaned as Boluwatife’s penis filled her entire vagina; it expanded as it went in deeper.

Boluwatife gripped her waist closer to him and started to fuck her with fast strokes; he went in and out of her so fast that she was gasping for air with each stroke. She met each stroke with a moan and held his ass into her body as he slammed into her.

“Oh my God”, she moaned as she felt him expand again inside her.

Boluwatife pulled her closer, and Jolade held on to the sink for dear life as he fucked the living hell out of her, the only sounds in the bathroom was Jolade’s moans and the strokes she was receiving.

“Please go slow”, Jolade shouted; she couldn’t believe she was telling a man to go easy on her vagina.

Boluwatife kept firing into her like she was a shooting range and he was a deaf man; Jolade felt his body go rigid, and Boluwatife tried to pull out.

“Fill me up, please, don’t you dare to pull out.”

Boluwatife was about to burst anyways; he went ahead and came in her. He released her body from him and sat on the counter beside her.

“Good God”, Jolade said, she tried to stand up, but she couldn’t stand very well and wobble; she sat back down on the counter and touched her vagina with her fingers  “it is hot down here, Boluwatife. Did anyone ever tell you that you had the penis of a god?” Jolade gasped.

“No, I hadn’t heard that one before” Boluwatife smiled at her.

“There is a first time for everything,” Jolade said.

Boluwatife put on his pants and smiled at Jolade. “Come on, we have dinner to eat, and I don’t want the restaurant customers to start forming a line outside.”

Boluwatife held a hand to steady Jolade as she stood.

“I can’t even stand properly, now that I call Hot Fuck”, Jolade said.

Boluwatife steadied her and helped her walk to the door, they both walked out of the corner, and it looked to everyone like Boluwatife was helping out his wife. They walked hand in hand to their table. The waiter came to meet them and asked if they were ready to order now.

“Oh, yes, we are ready” Jolade flashed a smile at him…

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