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I believe that if you are here, you would have read the post on Basic Erogenous Zones for Men and Women for beginners, and if you haven’t read it yet, you can do that here (I know, you are welcome.) Keep quiet; class is in session.

I trust you have all read the previous posts; this post will stimulate the basic erogenous zones in men and women to have the best sexual experience (I know, it will get hotter 🥵). I believe everyone can now identify and locate the erogenous zones because this post will need that knowledge.

How to Stimulate Basic Erogenous Zones in Men

There are seven erogenous zones in men: The Frenulum, The Sole of the Feet, The Prostate Gland, The Thumb, The Nipples, The Sacrum, and The Gluteal Fold. You can touch them and locate them now but let me tell you how you can make your partner have a very intense orgasm that his body will be vibrating the next day (hmm, take it easy). Then follow in a few seconds (Carries one spoon of rice).

Like I was saying, I will tell you how to handle (cough cough) these zones to get the best of your sexual experience; I’m sure you will be pleased when he moans your name out loud.  

  • The Frenulum: Like I explained in the previous post, this is the spot just below the head of the penis. When giving him oral sex (or head 🙈), let your tongue swirl all over that area, let it slide there, play with it, make it your tongue nest. When you stroke the head of the penis with your hand, rub the frenulum with your thumb to slowly building his arousal (Your partner will love that so much.)
  • The Sole of the Feet:  Now relax, this one will take some small preparation before you get into it and personally, I would prefer exploring this erogenous zone in the shower or in a bathtub. What you want to do with this zone is you want to first give your partner a  foot massage, then clean his foot with a towel. When you are done start rubbing the spot under the third toe in a circular motion or however you like (think of it like you are rubbing him to erection 😫.)
  • The Prostate Gland: Most men are really sceptical about this so if your partner doesn’t want you to do this with him, please respect their decisions or maybe the both of you can find a compromise (Please do not force him.) Have him lie on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart, and then insert your finger into the anus, you will find the prostate gland three inches to the penis. Massage this spot gently and he will have one of the most intense orgasms he has ever had.
  • The Thumb: My dear, kiss on the thumb and give it some extra loving. Slowly kiss on his hands and lick his fingers if you feel like (Pease make sure they are clean, there is a pandemic out there). Look him in the eye when you do this, kiss his hands then start to suck on his thumb, twirl it around your thumb to show him you know what to do with your mouth when it comes to giving him the super gawk gawk 3000 😈.
  • The Nipples: This zone is one of the zones that most men would love women to concentrate on (I said one of the zones). In this zone, you want to firstly lick the nipples gently, if you can do this while looking at his face at intervals (my goodness.) You can tug gently on it with your fingers (you can also do this first.). Suck it after you have tugged on it gently, suck the nipple and bit on it gently (please ma, gently o 🙏).  You can put an ice cube in your mouth and suck on the nipples with his permission of course (this is absolutely enjoyable.)
  • The Sacrum: In this zone, you want your partner to lie on his back while you give a back massage; give the sacrum a little bit of extra love and his body will relax.
  • The Gluteal Fold: Use your hand to stroke this zone, run your fingernails on it and proceed to tap it lightly (a light form of spanking 😈). You can also give it a kiss if you want to.
  • The Scrotal Raphe: Suck on the balls, lick them; kiss them if you want to. Also make sure your tongue reaches that line in-between them.  To get a more intense reaction from your partner, you can sip on something hot before you start, so your tongue is warm and it will feel good on his balls.

Now go ahead and make that man feel good; remember to stay safe and ask for his consent. Some of these cannot be used if you want to do quick foki foki (maybe you and your partner got drunk and do it in the club 😒.) You don’t need to explore all these zones at once, but if you want to, that is okay too. Enjoy.

Now, if you want to give your female partner her most intense orgasm, follow me into the next one.

How to Stimulate Basic Erogenous Zones in Women

You probably already know there are seven erogenous zones in women; let me refresh your memory a little bit. The erogenous zones in women are The Ear, The Lips, The Neck, The Butt, The Breasts, The Inner Thighs, and The Vagina.

Let’s enter the stimulation; hold on, it might get a little bumpy.

  • The Ears: Please make sure the ear is clean before you proceed to do this to your partner. Trace the outline of her outer ear with your tongue, you can penetrate the ear with your tongue a little bit, breathe into her ear, sometimes this is really nice.
  • The Lips: You already know what to do with this, kiss her on the lips. Go in a very slow sequence, don’t rush, take all the time you need, chew on her lip, suck on it, suck on her tongue, kissing her slowly will make her open more to you (her mouth I mean.)
  • The Neck: This is a fun place to explore with your partner, trace the skin of the neck with your lips or finger if you like. Kiss on it, lick it, suck on it and bit her gently. Yes give her that hickey as a prize.
  • The Butt: Some women enjoy soft caresses while some prefer squeezing the butt, find out what your partner prefers and then proceed to do. Give it a smack too if she likes to be smacked on her butt.
  • The Breasts: Breasts should be given all the attention they deserve, take your time in this zone, don’t be shy please, do what you want to them with your partner’s permission. First off start with rubbing them, just to take up the nipple (Some women have nipples that response to touch, some have barely visible nipples) so rub the breasts and rub the nipples too, tug on it your fingers and pop the breast in your mouth, take your time to suck on the nipple, lick it over before you start to suck on the breasts (phew.) this is one of the most elite things ever 😍.
  • The Inner Thighs: The thigh is a very sensitive zone, so take your time to make it more enjoyable for your partner. Breathe on it gently and trace it with your finger Or your tongue, make her gasp, kiss on it and suck on it too if your partner would like that (Tip; ask her these things while you are touching her thighs e.g. asking her I she wants out to suck your tights while tracing it with your finger, whew.)
  • The Vagina: The grand finale, there are so many things you can in this zone that will make her go crazy. Start off by teasing her by rubbing the vagina. Have her lay down with her leg apart while you are in front of her, rub on it, pay the clitoris some attention and the inner labia too not just the outer labia. Stick a finger inside the vagina and gently move it back and forth while stroking the outer labia with your thumb. Go slow then fast, then stick more finger in if she is comfortable with that, going faster will make her feel really good and a sensation would spread from her head to her toes (making her lick the fingers after you are done is really hot.) Proceed to kiss the vagina, then spread it open and eat 😫, feast on it like you are eating a feast in medieval times. She will grab your head in that spot and make you continue while moaning your name loudly. Please don’t rush, make it slow, use your tongue, let it dig around, like the clitoris and suck on the outer labia (You can do this with an ice cube in your mouth to make her moan louder.) Kiss her after you are done eating her out; allow her taste herself on your lips (bloody hell). Slide in your penis or she will do it herself because her body is screaming for it then proceed to ravage her body with intense strokes. Want to know more about sex positions or styles, go on to that category and have fun reading, so for next time, your partner will have an awesome sexual experience.

Want to know the combination to make her scream like Monica from Friends did, then follow this sequence

Ear, lips, ear, lips, neck, neck, butt, breasts, neck, lips, lips, lips, breasts, inner thighs, lips, breasts, inner thighs, breasts, lips, lips, breasts, vagina, butt, vagina, inner thighs, vagina, vagina, vagina….. Blast off (I think I just had a mini orgasm)

How to Stimulate Other Erogenous Zones in Men and Women

There are erogenous zones that are not particular to one gender, and they include The Fingertips, The Lower Back, The Inner Wrist, The Scalp, The Armpit, and The Stomach.

  • The Fingertips: Think of this as a clitoris or a penis and give it as much attention as you would give a penis or a clitoris. Lick it lightly, suck on them too, and play around with it to make your partner more relaxed.
  • The Lower Back: You can use your fingertips to gently tickle your partner’s lower back, sending shivers down their spine; this is a very nice feeling.
  • The Inner Wrist: Try kissing your partner’s inner wrist or using the mouth to stimulate the skin of the inner wrists with varied pressures, lick on this one with an ice cube on your mouth.
  • The Scalp: Run your hand through your partner’s scalp, massage it softly and give the spots around the ears and the neck some attention. This is very soothing and can help release stress, so give your partner a scalp massage or head rub today.
  • The Armpit: It can be super-steamy to have your partner lift your arm up, touching or kissing first your fingertips, then your wrists, and finally your armpit in order to hit all three erogenous zones. Rub the center part of your partner’s armpit in a circular motion.
  • The Stomach: Stroking softly, you can run your fingertips from the navel across your partner’s ribs over and over before making your way down to the lower stomach and hips.

There you have it that is how to stimulate the basic erogenous zones in men and women. Enjoy them with your partner and have a more adventurous sex life.

If you like this post, please drop a comment and let me know what you think, and also, let me know if you would be trying out what you read. Want to know more about sex positions or styles? Go on to the Sex Positions/ Styles category and have fun reading, so for next time, your partner will have an awesome sexual experience.

Thank you for reading.