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This week on Erotics and Whatnot, we are discussing Hypersexuality, so sit tight and don’t go anywhere. 

Last week, we talked about Micropenis; if you haven’t read the post, I suggest you read that here

Do you know what Hypersexuality means? Have you ever been hypersexual? Do you know someone who is hypersexual and doesn’t know how to deal with it? Just relax; there are answers in this blog post.

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What Is Hypersexuality?

What is Hypersexuality?

Hypersexuality is often called Sex Addiction; they go hand in hand. Hypersexuality is an excessive obsession with sexual urges, behaviors and fantasies that are difficult to control. These urges can negatively affect every aspect of your life, work, health, relationship and family life. 

Hypersexuality can involve various activities, including masturbation, cybersex, multiple partners, paying for sex and excessive watching of pornography. When these activities become too much in your life, it becomes a problem because it affects your productivity rate and harms you and the people who find themselves around you. 

Symptoms of Hypersexuality

Symptoms of Hypersexuality

A person is considered hypersexual if they exhibit some of the following symptoms.

  1. The time a hypersexual person spends engaging in sexual activities or urges constantly interferes with important aspects of their life. 
  2. The hypersexual person has tried to reduce the urges or sexual activities but to no avail. 
  3. The hypersexual person engages in sexual activities as a response or escapes to the following; mood swings, depression, boredom or stressful life events. 
  4. Hypersexual people have difficulties establishing healthy and stable relationships because of their sexual urges and activities. 
  5. The hypersexual person engages in sexual activities regardless of the potential for physical or emotional harm to the people around or the person themselves. 

Causes of Hypersexuality

Causes of Hypersexuality

Traumatic Experiences

Hypersexuality and sex addiction may be caused by traumatic experiences, distress, mental illness or bipolar disorder. People who have been abused sexually as children may display increased sexual behaviour; some might indulge in sexual activities too often. 

High Levels of Natural Brain Chemicals

The neurotransmitters in your brain, such as dopamine and serotonin, will help regulate your mood. High levels of these neurotransmitters can be related to Hypersexuality or sex addiction. 

Certain brain conditions, diseases and health problems may cause damage to the parts of the brain that affect sexual behavior. 

Risk and Complications of Hypersexuality

Risks and complications of Hypersexuality


Some factors might increase the chances of sex addiction or Hypersexuality. 

  • Easy Access to Sexual Content: There are a lot of resources out there that allow access to sexual content and information, including this blog. One has to limit oneself to the amount of information they expose themselves to; this information can affect how they think or perceive life. 
  • Privacy and Boredom: When a person who engages in sexual activity all the time is left to themselves or they have lots of privacy, Hypersexuality can be an issue for them because a hypersexual person will tend to indulge in sexual activities when they are left alone, 
  • Privacy: Secrecy of compulsive sexual activities tends to allow these problems to worsen over time.


  • Hypersexual people can neglect or even lie to their family and partners, harming or destroying meaningful relationships. 
  • A hypersexual person can lose focus and risk their jobs and career while indulging or engaging in sexual activity or internet pornography. 
  • A hypersexual person might struggle with feelings of guilt or low self-esteem and be ashamed of their indulging in sexual activities (Sort of like a post-nut clarity thing). 
  • A hypersexual person can be arrested for sexual offences.

Treatment of Hypersexuality

Treatment of Hypersexuality

Although this condition isn’t a disease of the body or skin, some possible treatments for Hypersexuality include self-help, psychological therapy and medication. These treatments are done so people can manage their sexual urges and reduce the rate at which a person engages in sexual activities while promoting a healthy sexual routine. 


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: This form of behavioral therapy focuses on the acceptance of thoughts and a commitment to choose actions more consistent with important values. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This therapy form will help you identify unhealthy behaviors and replace them with more beneficial ways of coping. 


The hypersexual person can practice relaxation or stress management to help manage their condition. 

The hypersexual person can get treatment for other mental problems that make them indulge in compulsive sexual activity, such as depression, anxiety or stress. They can also explore a healthy way to cope with their mental health.

The hypersexual person can note situations, feelings and thoughts that can trigger them to indulge in sexual urges and take steps to manage them.

Prevention of Hypersexuality 

Prevention of Hypersexuality
  • If a person notices they start to indulge in sexual activities more than often, they should try to seek treatment early or talk to someone they trust about it. 
  • A hypersexual person should try to avoid risky situations that might jeopardize their health and others. The hypersexual person shouldn’t put themselves in cases where they will be tempted to engage in sexual activities.

There you have it for dealing with Hypersexuality; if you want to know more about addictions, please refer to the post on Addiction posted on the blog some time ago.

Please note that this post was published sorely to pass information and not with the intention of giving out medical advice. If you want to more about Hypersexuality for personal reasons, you can do your personal research.

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