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This week, we will discuss having a micropenis; I hope by the time you are done reading this post, you will know more about living with a micropenis. 

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If you are a person living with micropenis or know someone with a micropenis, then you understand the struggle and the stigma of having a micropenis. In this world of “Size matters,” men with micropenis have been laughed at and called many names by many people.  

Online jokes about women meeting men with micropenis and rejecting them have been circulating. Unfortunately, I used to participate in those jokes, but they are some people’s reality. I wonder how these men feel when they stare at their penis and feel ashamed of the size of their penis, and the painful part is it is not their fault; they were just born that way.  

I hope you become comfortable with who you are. 

What is a micropenis?

Micropenis, as the term suggests, refers to an abnormally small and normally structured penis. It is a medical term for a condition typically discovered in newborn babies; it is diagnosed after an infant examination. This is not a condition where the penis will shrink over time; a person cannot simply develop a micropenis after having a normally structured penis. Hormonal or genetic abnormalities cause micropenis. If you are born with a micropenis, there is nothing wrong with you; you are just one of many “different” people on this planet, and it doesn’t make you any less human. 

All you need to know about a micropenis size

  • Your family history (genetics) may play a role in your having a micropenis.
  • There is no cure for this condition, but hormone therapy can be done for children to enable penile growth.  
  • In babies, the normal penile length is 2.5 centimeters (0.9 inches), anything smaller than that in babies would be considered a micropenis. 
  • As an adult male, the average penile length is 5.1centimeters erect and 3.5 centimeters flaccid; anything below 3.5-2.5 centimeters when flaccid is considered a micropenis. An erect micropenis is about 3.65 inches. 
  • Some people look at their penis, and because it’s not big or long enough, they assume they have a micropenis, but they might not realize it; having a micropenis is very rare. Studies have shown that 0.6percent of the world’s male population has a micropenis.

Causes of micropenis

Micropenis is caused by fetal testosterone deficiency, which can result in several conditions; the most common of these conditions is hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. This condition occurs when the part of the brain that controls the autonomous nervous system and pituitary (hypothalamus) does not secrete (testosterone) hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce hormones necessary for normal reproductive function and normal maturation. It can also be found with genetic syndromes that can cause other malformations.


Diagnosis of micropenis

Micropenis is usually diagnosed through a physical examination, especially a newborn exam; the examination can also be done during young childhood. By measuring the penile length, micropenis can be diagnosed. 

The chances of treatment are greater when micropenis is discovered in a newborn; it is diagnosed by fully stretching the newborn’s penis and measuring with a ruler or a clipper. The length is then compared to the normal size range. 

The diagnosis that follows determines the treatment that will be carried out to improve the penile length. 

Treatment options

Micropenis Treatment Options

Testosterone treatment

The treatment of micropenis must start in early infancy or very early childhood. 

One of the treatment options for micropenis in infancy is a short course of testosterone; this treatment option will test the ability of the penis to respond to growth hormones. The testosterone can be administered by injection or applying a gel or an ointment to the affected area. The testosterone is administered during the first three months of life to get the penis to grow.

Studies have shown that testosterone treatment is good with penile growth in infants, but it is uncertain if the growth would continue to adulthood or puberty. 

Surgery Treatment

Surgery is almost another treatment; it is considered when other medical treatments don’t work. If the testosterone treatment doesn’t work, surgical reconstruction (phalloplasty) would be required; a phalloplasty uses tissues from different body parts to create a new penis for the patient. Although this treatment is risky and complicated in little children, it is common in adults and young adults.  

If you want to undergo this treatment as an adult, please make sure you speak to a professional about it before you start the procedure so you can understand the risks of this treatment as well as the benefit. The risks can vary, so make sure you know what you are getting into.  

Having sex with a micropenis

Having a micropenis doesn’t prevent men from having orgasms or masturbating, or getting erections. Sometimes it would be difficult for a male with a micropenis to have penetrative sexual intercourse, in which case, assisted reproduction would have to come in places such as insemination or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to conceive a child. 

A micropenis can be discomforting for some men, but a satisfying sex life can be possible for them. The size of a man’s penis should be one of the least aspects in measuring how a man can provide his partner the sexual pleasure they desire. 

The focus should be on sexual acts that can be performed, not those that can’t be performed, so that both partners can enjoy their sexual life together. There are wide ranges of ways to experience sexual pleasure; you can use toys, fingers or mouth, or strap-ons and get the pleasure you need from penetrations; toys like vibrators stimulate your sensitive parts like the clitoris or the G-spot. It comes down to understanding how the partner bodies work and doing what would pleasure them. 

Unique sex positions for a micropenis

  • Cowgirl: Believe it or not, the cowgirl position works well with men with small penises; this position is good because the woman is on top and allows for lots of deep penetration. The female grinds and stirring the motion on the top of the penis will help the partner focus.
Unique sex position for micropenis
  • Upright Position: If you have a countertop where you can have sex, for those who want to have sex in the kitchen or the bathroom countertop, try having your partner with a micropenis stand in front of you while you lay back on the surface you choose. Your pelvis will align and give your partner more control; you can raise your legs under his shoulder to get you two close and maintain eye contact. 
Unique sex position for micropenis
  • Faceoff: This position would work well because you and your partner would be chest to chest, close in every way possible. The male has to sit on the edge of the bed of whatever surface you chose, then sit on his lap and grind him; this would keep his penis in place and ensure some stimulation of the clitoris.  
Unique sex position for micropenis
  • Knees to Chest: You have to lay on your back with your legs wide open and pull your knees to your chest; your partner will kneel in front of you and enter you from above. This position will allow for lots of penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. 
Unique sex position for micropenis
  • Doggy style: You can alter this position by laying on a flat surface and bringing your legs together; you can use a vibrator and stick it between your legs, so you are riding it as your partner is having sex with you. 

Pregnancy and micropenis

Pregnancy and Micropenis

We have all heard about the “does size matter?” question but does size matter when it comes to fertility? Because a man has a micropenis doesn’t decrease his chances of being fertile, just as how a male having a normal-sized penis doesn’t increase his chances of being fertile. If a man with a micropenis has a growth hormone deficiency, he can be infertile. 

The key to conceiving a child is placing the semen inside the vagina; once that is done, conception depends on the potency of the semen, not the size of the penis. Men with micropenis produce normal, healthy semen. 

Placing the semen into the vagina can be difficult when the male has a micropenis; the sex positions listed earlier can help if a male with a micropenis is trying to conceive a child. As I stated earlier, artificial treatment options (IVF and insemination) can also be considered. 

There you go; that’s all you need to know about living with a micropenis. Please understand this information in this post can be found anywhere on the internet, and this post was not published with the intent of passing out medical advice; it was published sorely to pass information to readers. You can do further research or talk to a professional if you want to know more. 

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I hope by now you know about living with a micropenis and understand the struggles of living with a micropenis. I want to hear what you think about this post, and I would also like to know what part of this post was new information to you. 

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