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Today on Erotics and Whatnot, we will talk about having variety in your sex life; I have some ways to help you with your sex life; some of them might be weird to you, but trust me, people do them. 

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Have you ever been bored in your sex life? Do you feel like you need more in your sex life? Do you often feel like you and your partner have tried the old moves over and over that the sexual experience now seems boring? Don’t worry; you are not bad for feeling this way; it is normal to feel bored at some point, but thankfully there are things you could try to put some spice and variety in your sex life. 

I have seven weird sex positions you can try to have variety in your sex life; sit tight for a sec, and we will head right into it. 

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Let’s get into this.

Sex positions for variety in your sex life.


Here are seven sex positions you could try with your partner to have variety in your sex life. 


This position involves the female standing with her feet apart while the male penetrates her from the back; the female would bend over till her hands touch the floor, and the male can hold the female’s waist while she lifts her feet off the ground. This position is good for endowed men. 

Positions for variety in your sex life.
Source: Men’s Journal.


For this position, the female will lay on her back with one leg on her partner’s shoulder while she wraps the other around his thighs; the female should put a pillow under her back so that this position can be comfortable for her. The male then kneels in front of her to penetrate her. This position is good for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration during sex. 

Source: Chelsey.



I first heard about this position in a movie, I can’t remember the name now, but I remember the couple doing it wrong at the end. Anyway, for this position, the man stands while the woman crouches on her hands and knees, the male will then lift the woman’s top half by her ankles, pulling her to the side of his body to create the classic wheelbarrow. This position requires a lot of upper body strength and flexibility; it is great and allows for deep penetration. You should try this out if you and your partner want to get wild. This position will really kick the back the variety in your sex life.


Source: Love Positions

This one is a bit tricky and acrobatic. If you are not flexible enough, I don’t suggest you try this style. For this position, the female would have to lie on her back with her knees bent while the male penetrates her; she will wrap her legs around him so that she is only half suspended as he penetrates her. This position is complicated, so make sure your body can take it before you try it. 


Source: Sex Positions.Club

This position looks easy but might not be easy as it seems; for this position, the female would have to wrap her legs around her partner and have her partner hold her up. There is nothing to lean on, just bare standing. I must warn you; you might get tired easily doing this position. 


Source: Bad Girls Bible

For this position, the female partner has to lie on a bed or a flat surface, while the male partner would lift her legs to his shoulders by holding the female’s hips. The male partner would lift the female a few inches off the bed. 



For this position, the female partner has to lay down on a surface that is at the same height as her partner’s pelvis. The female has to spread her legs apart while the male partner penetrates her, then she has to rise her legs up to cross her ankles on her male’s shoulders to form a X. This position allows the female to be super tight and can be helpful for men with smaller penises. 

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There you have it, seven weird positions for variety in your sex life. Let me know which sex position you like best in the comments.

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