Hi guys, how are you doing? Today is Valentine’s day and how lucky we are to be getting a special love story.

This one is a special love story for all my lovelies in the house, you can read this special love story with your partner or alone, make sure to savor it.

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A Special Love Story

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“What?” She smiled at him, shy as all the blood rushed to her face.

He watched as she unraveled in front of him, God he loved making her feel so good. He just told her how beautiful she looked.

“Nothing, come.” He held his hand out, she took it and he dragged her to his side.

She laid on his chest and he spread his legs for her to sit.

He sniffed her as she sat on him, she smelled of home and he wanted to live inside her for as long as he could.

“This feels nice,” he breathed on her neck, he knew it drove her crazy as he felt her body go rigid and saw her neck hairs stand.

He kissed her neck first and heard her sigh, his own body cried with excitement but no, he wanted to make this last as long as he could. 

“You said we weren’t doing this,” she said.

“What?” He kissed her neck again. “I’m not doing anything.”

He kissed her neck again, this time she smiled and relaxed further in his arm. She slid into place in his arms like she made her mark there and little did she know she actually made her mark on him.

He went for her breasts first, they awaited his arrival as her nipple arose to meet his gentle touch. He could feel them through the thin top she wore, she had come prepared.

“Hmmm,” she moaned and turned her neck more for him.

He sucked on it biting as he worked his way to her front, she held his head as his mouth trailed from her neck up to her blouse, he stuck his tongue out and tasted her nipples through her top.

He made the mistake of glancing into her eyes and he became lost in the sea of emotions she had behind them.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I..just didn’t think we would be here again.” She said.

He took a seat beside her.

“How can you be so pure? She asked, and looked at him with eyes. “You manage to make this love feel brand new every day.”

“How can I love that way if you are not guiding me? I look at you and find the strength to go on.”

He went in for a kiss and she returned the favor, savoring him as she melted into his mouth.  He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her.

She was his princess, the baddie he bagged by being funny and he would be damned before he let her go. She broke the kiss and rested in his arms.

Fuck sex, this was so much better.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too, my baby,” he said and rubbed her head.

“I’m sorry about our fight earlier, I was just stupid.” She said.

“Don’t say that, a woman like you can never be stupid.”

“Happy Valentimes.”

“Tine not time,” he corrected her.

“Happy Valentimes,” she said drifting off to sleep.

“Happy Valentimes,” he said and laid his head next to hers.

Morning found them tangled in each other’s embrace.

I hope you enjoyed this special story as much as I enjoyed writing this for you, I hope your love makes you feel this way and more.

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