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Today on the blog we are discussing 10 tips to help you have amazing sex in 2023. I know, I know some of you are pros at it and that is a good thing but you need to know sex is ever-evolving, you need to get with the times.

How has sex been for you so far? Pretty amazing? Wild or just there?

Having amazing sex doesn’t have to be rocket science and some people struggle with this concept, they think amazing sex is bending at impossible angles but you just have to understand the kinks.

I’m not an expert myself but I have taken the liberty to put together this list of tips to help you have amazing sex in 2023.

Tips to help you have amazing sex in 2023

The following tips to help you have amazing sex are simple yet effective, take your time going through them and understand that it is different from partner to partner.

Dirty Talking

Have you ever tried dirty talking with your partner? You don’t have to think about it, just say the nastiest things that come to your mind. Try this out with your partner a couple of times, you can use English or your native language and go from there. You can even text it to each other and exchange dirty talking while you two are getting intimate (I learned this word over the weekend btw). Don’t try to judge your partner but you can tell them if they make it uncomfortable. Dirty talking might take a while for you to take or it might not work for you. You can go to the next tip.


You can try a sensual massage with your partner, pick out a way for relaxation with just you and your partner, and have some music playing in the background. Light some candles and have some wine, make sure the two of you are comfortable, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Get some oil and start first, you and your partner can take turns and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to explore your partner’s body beyond the massage.


Ha, the great art of edging, being one of the tips to help you have amazing sex is one of the greatest things to ever exist. Edging is stopping when you feel close to orgasm, you stop and hold back for some seconds before continuing.  You and your partner can try it with toys or even fingers, this will help you have toe-curling orgasms and it will be really hot when you finally attain orgasms. You can take turns with your partner and you will soon find yourself looking forward to it.


Kissing is an art as great as time itself. You and your partner should take time to seek each other’s lips, start out slow, you can bite each other’s lips gently or suck their tongues as you go don’t be fast, take your time with it, and time stops when you are kissing the people you love. Enjoy it.

There is no normal sex

What you should know is there is no one way to have sex, your kinks are unique and so are your partners. Sex differs from person to person. Don’t try to pressure your partner to try something normal, there is nothing like that, each act is different, enjoy and savor it.

Use Lubricants

Do not, I repeat do not use spit as a lubricant or coconut oil or lotion or even cooking oil. Get yourself the right lubricants, especially the water-based ones but you can experiment with other types of lubricants. Don’t be afraid to get up in it.

Show your partner the way

If you have done enough exploration, you will know what makes you orgasm. Show your partner the way around your body. Tell them what to do and what parts of their body they should explore. Your partner might be trying their best but may not know what gets you there and these tips to help you have amazing sex can really help them out. Some people are experienced and some are not. But some people have such big egos that they might not want to listen but explain to them what you want and you can even explore other options together.

Make it realistic

Porn can make things feel so sad, not all men have giant penises and not all women have perfect bodies or perfect vaginas. There are different types and they all look different. Try to have realistic expectations from your partner and not every man can pound straight for twenty-five minutes without cuming, I mean come on.


They are exercises that will help strengthen the pelvic floor. Men and women can do this. You can do them daily and they will help you achieve better sex with the rest of the tips to help you have amazing sex.

Have Intimate time together

You can pick a day comfortable for the both of you and relax in each other’s arms. You can share the silence and be in each other’s arms and go exploring. Do what comes naturally to you, don’t think of anything else. You can book a hotel or a mini vacation for yourself and you can be looking forward to all the sex you can have. Intimacy plays a huge part in having sex with your partner. Make love to each other.

Mutual Masturbation

You and your partner can explore this in a variety of ways, you can use toys while facing each other. Masturbation with your partner watching you can unlock new streams of pleasure for you and although this is peak vulnerability it can help you get really close to your partner. It also allows your partner to see what makes you tick.

Open up

This one might be a bit unorthodox but it can be for wild people. You and your partner can open up the relationship and have sex with other people to learn new things. It is weird I know but some couples out there do it. They go to bars and watch each other flirt with other people, the sexual energy they will unleash when they get home is out of this world. This one might not be for you so check out the other tips.

Which one of these tips to help you have amazing sex in 2023 would you try out with your partner? I would love to see them in the comments. Also, don’t be afraid to explore other tips to help you have amazing sex. Find out what your partner likes and do it with them.

Hope your sex life improves and I hope your partner appreciates your efforts too. Also, let me know if you would like another list of tips to help you have amazing sex in 2023.

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